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+ Guide: How To Add Album Art To Songs

07 October 2008

Let the Music Play
How To Add Album Art To Songs

Album Art A very cool feature on most media players is the Album Art, ability to read and show the digital image of the actual cover shipped with the album from the mp3 file.

The S60 Music Player (the latest one) supports this feature as well but most of the time we see the same boring 'disc' or 'wave world' icon, depending on your phone model and active them. So I thought, let's add something productive there!

Now logically, any music management software must have this capability to add album art.So my first option was PC Suite. Alas, the drag-n-drop box for album art doesn't work!

How about giving a feature that actually works, Nokia? Anyways, I searched a bit on how to add album art and here I give a simplified tutorial on how to do it.

What is Album Art?

Album art is usually a small representation of the cover art of the current album you are playing and is stored as a part of the Meta data Tagged information provided by Yoesie. Alternatively, depending on the source of your music file, it may be a logo of the site, a picture of the artist or even a hot girl etc.

Where do I find it in my S60 Music Player?

Album Art

The red circle box is the album art.

But usually I don't see any such thing in my phone. Instead, I see some CD or something like that! Yes, you need to 'attach' it to the particular file.

How do I do it?

That's exactly what for this tutorial is for! Read on...

Adding album art using your PC

You will need:

  • Windows Media Player 10 or 11 (most versions of Windows have this. If you don't, click here and download it)
  • The image of the album art you want to add (this can be found using Google Image Search. has a big collection too. Alternatively, you can use Discogs to find your album and get it's cover)
  • Nokia PC Suite (you will need this only if you convert to .aac or .m4a format and then transfer the media to your phone. I recommend you convert and tranfer. It saves a hell lot of space!)

Getting Started With Windows Media Player

1.) Open the folder containing your file. Right-click on the file. You will now see an option 'Play with Windows Media Player'. Click on it. (see screenshot)

2.) Now, if you haven't added album art, a screen like this should appear

*click to enlarge

3.) Click on 'Library'. You can now see your song in this tab.

4.) Right click and find the option 'Advanced tag editor'. Click on it.

*click to enlarge

5.) In the advanced tag editor, clcik on the pictures tab.

6.) Click on 'Add...'

7.) This will open up the folder in which your music file is saved. I recommend you save your image file here only. It makes life easier

8.) If your image file is elsewhere, browse to the location and select it. Select the type of cover (front, back etc.).

This screen should appear

9.) Click OK. Exit Windows Media Player.

10.) Your file is now ready to be transferred!

11.) On how to transfer music files to your S60 device using PC Suite, refer to this comprehensive guide - Getting The Most Out Of The Music Player on our forum!

12.) You will now see the image on your phone's music player.

Mission accomplished!

Also, if you have tagged your files properly (that is, if you have entered the album and artist info in the ID3 tag) you can use Windows Media Player to automatically to get the album art.

On Step 4, instead of selecting advanced tag editor, select 'Find album info' and select the album that matches correctly. Of course, you will need to be connected the internet for this.

Adding album art dirtectly on your phone

This is a tricky one. The phone doesn't premanently attach the album art to the file. So, when you transfer the song to another phone or to your PC again, or you modify the filename of the song and then add it again, etc. you don't see the album art any more. However, if you do want to add, it's pretty simple. You will need the album art image file on your phone.

1.) Open up the Music Player app.

2.) Go to the song you want to add the art to. Don't play it yet.

3.) Select it and press 'Options'. here, you will see an option 'Album art'. Click on it.

4.) A screen will open that will say '(no album art )'.

5.) Click on Options > Change

6.) Browse to the file and select.

7.) Done!

Hit play and Enjoy!


Source: SF forum Author: Kulin

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