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+ New firmware for Nokia E90 - full change log!!

18 October 2007

Major firmware update for Nokia E90
has been released MCU SW v7.38.0.2

Nokia has released a new firmware version for Nokia E90, firmware v7.38.0.2 is already available and supported via the NSU and will be available progressively at the official Nokia Points and Nokia Service Points in the next few days.

As usually, this release should improve the Nokia E90 performance as well as fix known bugs and problems from previous versions.

Read more in the pretty huge bulletin of the changes issued from Nokia

Changes/improvements made from
(Service Bulletin No. SB-011/17.10.07)

New Features:

  • Nokia A-GPS service is global assistance data service for Nokia terminals.It provides assistance data in all countries, so it works world-wide Service utilizes GPRS data connection and OMA Secure User Plan Location (SUPL) protocol for transferring assistance data from assistance data service to terminal. WLAN is currently not supported.
  • End-user does not need to configure this service. It is immediately available out-of-the-box
  • Service works always when GPRS data connection is available. Also during roaming
  • Nokia A-GPS service does not depend on operator services. It just requires GPRS data connection. If assistance data cannot be fetched, then terminal works as plain standalone GPS.
  • Nokia A-GPS service improves time to first fix in cold-start situations where GPS receiver has been in power off state when location application is engaged.
  • Time to first fix is reduced from 40 seconds-2 minutes to 15-30 seconds range greatly improving end-user experience.
  • Faster position calculation with A-GPS reduces power consumption.

Nokia E90 Communicator

Maps 1.2

  • Improvements with higher zoom level: capital cities and country borders
  • Improved map coloring
  • Improved 3D view with horizon
  • Map provider name shown
  • The data download counter
  • Improved GPS indicator
  • New improved Options-menu
  • Improved nearby search interaction
  • Improved Guides UI, better readability and Guide interaction
  • New China Maps server with detailed China maps - for China , Hong Kong and Taiwan users
  • Local font support in Map display in Preloaded maps (map package with local font support) for China , Hong Kong , Taiwan

New navigation products:

  • India - Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore , Delhi , Channai, Hyderabad Adriatic plus - Italy , Greece , Austria (parts), Slovenia , Croatia , Hungary (parts)
  • Egypt - Cairo, Alexandria
  • Mainland China
  • Taiwan/China/HK/Macau
  • Updates in current navigation products:
  • Latvia , Slovenia , Croatia added to Eastern Europe
  • Alaska, Puerto Rico added to USA
  • Jakarta added to South East Asia
  • Guidance downloadable from Map Loader
  • About 50m misaligned map data in SW direction for observed areas in Sydney corrected
  • Purchasing Navigation - Re-enter CC details every time Application is used for navigation again, fixed on Openbit server


  • Maximum concatenated SMS message amount changed from 10 to 30
  • Phone jams while opening a received active note which includes a bookmark and an image
  • Mail for Exchange crashed every time with a specific message when opened the message from the Cover UI
  • It is not possible to pre-configure the Consumer Push Email service with Vodafone's settings: E-mail notification
  • MMS - Viewing progressive JPG images in QVGA/VGA resolution in PDA display cuts off the image
  • Phone doesn't parse a 3 digit number in SMS, MMS or Email


  • Sometimes phone jammed and reset itself when walked out of the WLAN coverage during VoIP call
  • Call time during conference call remained always 00:00:01
  • Occasionally the UE sticks to 2G while data transfer is ongoing
  • Video Telephony: Sending picture is rotated 90 degrees clockwise
  • CS DATA: It is not possible to receive a data call in Mode Terminated Transparent and No Transparent, at 2400 bps, 4800 bps and 9600 bps


  • Browser stability improved, crashing in many web pages corrected
  • Cursor jams sometimes inside the input box in browser
  • Download Manager crashes sometimes when downloading large files
  • WAP/WEB table row height calculation corrected
  • xHTML MP: "multiple" attribute within a "select" element doesn't work
  • Persistent cookies are deleted after power down
  • RTSP Redirect Problem: Browser prompts to save 'RtspTemp' when opening a stream and crashes the browser


  • Preview pane improved to show protected icon for protected media content
  • Very slow to browse content folders with DRM protected content
  • Problem to play unprotected m4a content fixed
  • Music Player: Album cover art is not properly scaled when opening cover
  • FTMDv2: In the DRM whitelist, cannot configure static entries for variant
  • FTMDv2: When doing a DRM right upgrade, the new RO not added in the ODF
  • AMR-WB playing paused in the last 2 sec
  • Listening of the FM radio does not succeed after the voice call
  • APN change not working if stream is initiated with a SDP file
  • Streaming - Unable to stream from
  • Java: Expected exceptions not thrown when testing SVGElement class
  • Java: Screen saver activate for active program
  • Java: An Alert with a long text message is not entirely displayed
  • Java: Push registration for SSL and file fails
  • Characters are wrongly displayed when key 2 and 3 is pressed in Java midlet

Nokia E90 Communicator

Cover and PDA UI

  • Cannot stop/snooze clock alarm on PDA if device is locked
  • UI layout problem in Wireless Keyboard application fixed
  • Device indicates CB based HZ in GPRS packet transfer mode
  • Dual Line SIM - Lines are displayed incorrectly after a message
  • The "#" key doesn't work well during videomail deposit


  • WLAN networks with long beacon interval were not always found
  • Download over the WLAN stopped occasionally after EAP reauthentication
  • WLAN-browsing via A1-hotspot very instable
  • Volume adjusting from mobile does not change volume level in Bluetooth headset
  • Infrared icon animation fault corrected
  • PoC-Weird message is shown in 1to1 session


  • The phone does not always recognize automatically the language from the SIM card
  • "SIM Card registration failed" note is sometimes shown and a reboot is needed to get back in service
  • Certificate of Datamover.sis file updated in Data Transfer (Switch) application
  • Start Up Settings fails to configure Viettel network settings
  • USAT File Change Notification support added
  • MS does not display default APN for Titan Lite Test SIMs
  • SMSC is not re-read from SIM after switch on if IMSI has not changed
  • BIS 5-click provisioning does not start automatically
  • When downloading Visto client, "File Corrupted" error message shown but the file still installs successfully
  • UE doesn't trigger event 6d in Compressed mode
  • Very high power consumption for Video call and Audio + Video streaming
  • GUSIM SIM Lock error on Vodafone Australia corrected
  • Adobe can not follow cover opening


  • Localization issues corrected in many applications
  • Blackberry client - Installation of the 'BlackBerry Connect Desktop' - False spelling of the word 'Soll''
  • Blackberry client - At the device, some Menu options are in different Languages displayed, in German and English Language

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