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+ Nokia is showcasing 13 new N-Gage games

18 May 2005

Take a look at what’s coming out for the

Nokia makes waves at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with new N-Gage titles and the evolution of its connected mobile gaming strategy. Situated in the South Hall at area 1524, Nokia is showcasing 13 N-Gage games: Pathway to Glory Ikusa Island, ONE, Rifts: Promise of Power, Glimmerati, System Rush, Civilization, Mile High Pinball, X-Men Legends 2: Dawn of Apocalypse, Atari Masterpieces Volume 1, Spirits, High Seize, Catan and Payload. In addition to these titles, Nokia will also demonstrate the future of connected mobile gaming on several of its smartphone handsets.

"Nokia's commitment to the gaming industry continues to strengthen in tandem with the growth of the mobile gaming market," said Gerard Wiener, Director and General Manager, Games, Nokia. "In addition to announcing more N-Gage games, we are breaking new ground by expanding N-Gage quality gaming across our upcoming smartphone portfolio. Whether it's on an N-Gage game deck or on a Nokia smartphone, consumers will have the opportunity to experience connected mobile gaming like never before."

Nokia's next generation mobile gaming solution includes enhanced 3D game graphics, and offers user-friendly search, purchase and installation of high-quality games as well as connected gaming with instant access to a global mobile gaming community. The gaming solution will work with a number of Nokia smartphones thus giving consumers the freedom to choose a multimedia device that best suits their individual needs.

In addition to Nokia's gaming-intensified smartphones on display, the N-Gage booth will feature a multitude of games ranging from simulation to strategy and action/adventure. All games will be shown and played on the N-Gage QD. The Nokia N-Gage E3 2005 game line-up includes:

ONE is a high-quality, 3-D fighting game set in real, underground urban environments. Developed exclusively for the N-Gage platform, ONE extends the fighting game play with cool beat-em-up features, such as extensive character customization and an on-line ranking system. ONE features a soundtrack by well-known games composer and electronica DJ Oscar Araujo.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: Fighting
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Rifts: Promise of Power invites gamers to discover Kevin Siembieda's Rifts world - only on the N-Gage platform! One of the most sought-after licenses, Rifts will make its videogame debut this year. A strategy RPG, Rifts combines an immersive, complex storyline, in-depth character evolution and tactical turn-based combat. Rifts players can battle each other over GPRS or participate in co-op modes via Bluetooth.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: RPG
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Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Pathway to Glory. Designed to provide a hectic and intense action it will feature improved graphics and animation, a totally new AI, voice chat with friends and foes and new weapons. Guide your U.S. Rangers through hell and back fighting the Imperial Japanese Army. Topped up with eight times more voice dialogue and a dose of black humour, Ikusa Islands brings the gritty realism of war to life.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: Strategy
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Spirits is a new collectible on-line MMOG title, available only on the N-Gage platform. Set in the present day, but tinged with ancient mystery, SPIRITS(TM) sees players fighting The CUT, a doomsday sect whose goal is to stop Earth's over population by triggering natural disasters and killing innocent people. The core gameplay in SPIRITS(TM) is based on players hunting and collecting spirits. Gamers will test their skills in duels where tactical thinking as well as quick reactions will make all the difference. In the race to save mankind, there is only one-way to win: mastering the elements.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: Strategy/Adventure
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X-Men Legends 2: Dawn of Apocalypse is the sequel to the applauded 3D action-RPG based on the popular Marvel characters, X-Men Legends. In X-Men Legends 2: Dawn of Apocalypse, X-Men must join forces with their archenemies, the Brotherhood, to save themselves and the world from the evil unleashed by Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen. Taking direct charge of a squad of heroes, gamers explore worlds, solve puzzles, gather equipment and fight enemies that stand in their way.
Publisher: Activision | Genre: Action/Adventure RPG

Glimmerati is the ultimate glam driving experience ever. Glimmerati puts gamers in control of the steering wheel in this fast-action mission-based racing game. Easy to pick up and play, Glimmerati will drive heart rates up as players zoom through realistic settings in Southern Europe.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: Arcade Racing
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Civilization, Sid Meier's highly acclaimed strategy-simulation masterpiece, comes to the mobile environment for the first time ever on the N-Gage platform. Gamers are challenged to explore, discover, develop and combat either alone or against others via Bluetooth wireless technology or GPRS. Civilization offers the opportunity to build the ultimate empire while confronting against some of history's most legendary leaders.
Publisher: Atari | Genre: Strategy
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Mile High Pinball brings the classic pinball genre to new levels. Mobile gamers are challenged to ascend an 80+ board tall pinball tower while gathering points, collectibles and power-ups as they face mini-bosses...and all with just one ball! Mile High Pinball features both single and multi-layer options.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: Simulation
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Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel 'Treasure Island," High Seize is an exclusive new strategy game for the N-Gage platform. Set in the 17th century Caribbean islands, colonized by several European nations, High Seize combines an epic fantasy storyline with fast and entertaining strategy game play. With single player and a host of advanced multiplayer options this is one of the most versatile games to be shipped for the N-Gage platform.
Publisher: Nokia Genre: Strategy
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Catan invites gamers to engage in up to four-person mobile multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth wireless technology in a strategy setting that exercises the brain! In Catan, gamers occupy new lands and develop them into communities by building roads, settlements and cities all while squeezing out your competition. Catan offers a balanced mix of tactic, strategy, interaction, and - of course - luck.
Publisher: Capcom Genre: Strategy
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Exclusive to the N-Gage platform, System Rush is a fast paced, futuristic, stunt racing game that takes gamers into the dangerous and hostile world of GlobeNet - a world where corrupt corporations and secret government organizations rule. With over 11 vehicles, 45 intense races and five unique game worlds, cyber drivers can take on up to three other players simultaneously, via Bluetooth connection.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: Racing
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Payload is a futuristic action game that blends white-knuckle racing with a heavy dose of hard-hitting destruction. With amazing 3D graphics, Payload offers a unique mix of strategy, combat and traditional racing. This N-Gage exclusive game is sure to get pulses racing whether it's played alone or against up to 4 friends via Bluetooth wireless technology.
Publisher: Nokia | Genre: Combat Racing
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Atari Masterpieces Volume 1
brings eight Atari arcade games to the N-Gage platform including such classics as Asteroids, Battlezone, Black Widow, Millipede, Missile Command, Red Baron, Lunar Lander and Super Breakout. Presented with the same, cool, retro-looking graphics, Atari Masterpieces Volume 1's eight titles have been reproduced with every trick and tip from the originals.

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