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10 May 2005

Roots: Gates Of Chaos With N-Gage Exclusive Storyline Ready To Ship

Nokia today announced that it will start shipping the fantasy RPG title Roots: Gates of Chaos. Published by Cenega, the title features a storyline exclusive to the N-Gage platform situated a 1000 years before the one told in the original Roots game. Up to four players can engage in cooperative and competitive multiplayer via the Bluetooth wireless connection. N-Gage Arena features include message boards.

"Roots: Gates of Chaos on the N-Gage game deck is action fantasy RPG with extensive multiplayer features. With twenty enormous areas and thirty underground locations to explore, this game provides fast and exciting game play to all N-Gage fans", says Gregg Sauter, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia.

The Roots: Gates of Chaos on the N-Gage platform takes place in a time where the gods' struggle for world domination has turned into an open war. Player's mission is to become one of the gallant heroes fighting to help the Lady of Life defeat her nemesis the Demon Lord.

Look for Roots: Gates of Chaos on the N-Gage Platform in stores soon!

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About Cenega Publishing
CENEGA PUBLISHING, as an established world publisher, is dedicated to sourcing quality games for PC and console formats with a focus towards Central European, as well as worldwide, developers. Main office of operations is centralized in Prague, Czech Republic. Its satellite offices are based in the UK, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. For more information on CENEGA PUBLISHING and its products visit

Source: Nokia Press Office Author: Apocalypso

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