Nokia Q1 2005 statement





+ Nokia Announced 2005 Q1 Figures

25 April 2005

Nokia Q1 2005 statement

First Quarter figures for Nokia (see here on show sales on the rise, mainly in Asia and the Pacific Region. The overall market share is down to 32% though, namely as American carriers refuse to stock Nokia in the numbers that the Finns would like to see. What stands out in the CEO comments is that Nokia doesn't really have any flagship success stories to shout about - it's just more of the same.
Mobile phone market leader Nokia today reports its first quarter earnings statement. The mobile division posted solid numbers:

  • Net sales were EUR 4.53 billion, an increase of 11% vs. Q1 2004
  • Net profit EUR 869 million, down 16% from a year ago
  • China became Nokia's top market, followed by Asia Pacific and Europe/Middle East/Africa. Nokia has seen declines in North and Latin America.
  • Average selling price for a phone was 110 euro, signaling a tilt toward higher end devices.

Though net sales were up, decreased margins hurt profits. Sales were strong enough for Nokia to up its sales estimate to 740 million handsets industry wide in 2005.
A chart of Nokia's unit sales by region is available below. North American sales have gone down a massive 33% during since last year.

Nokia volume by region
(million units) Q1  2005 Q1  2004   Change Q4  2004
EMEA 27.4 21.6 27% 32.8
China 7.1 4.2 69% 5.9
Asia-Pacific 10.6 7.4 44% 10.4
North America 4.3 6.5 -33% 8.0
Latin America 4.4 5.0 -12% 9.0
Total 53.8 44.7 20% 66.1

Source: Mobile tracker/AAS Author: Apocalypso

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