New Glossy White Variant Of The Nokia N9 Starts Shipping Today


The white variant of Nokia’s highly acclaimed device announced at Nokia World, the stylish white variant of Nokia N9, officially starts shipping today.

According to folks over at Nokia’s official conversation blog, the boxes have been filled, the vans loaded and the factory gates opened, which means that you can expect that phone will be available with retailers and operators near you.

Frank Zillikens, who heads up the product marketing for Nokia N9, explains: “The manufacturing process for beautiful white products is quite complex and we wanted to make sure we deliver the best possible quality for our consumers.”

Created through a special process, the white version of the Nokia N9 features a high gloss finish that makes the colour shine. This perfects the existing matt colour range of black, cyan and magenta.

Priced at €560, before taxes and subsidies, the white version of the Nokia N9 comes with a whopping 64GB of memory. Like the other N9 versions, it has an 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and comes with a unique “swipe” interface.

In other Nokia N9 news today, a new software update v1.1.1 with Arabic support is ready to ship to North Africa and the Middle East and will available as an update for all the existing users in the area.

All the details about all the Nokia N9 versions are at