+ Weekend watching: Nokia Lumia's Launch Commercial

30 October 2011

First Nokia Lumia's TV Ad
Talks About "The Amazing Everyday"

Nokia has released the first of many advertisements and this one promotes the company's Lumia smartphones. The ad promotes the phone under Nokia's "The Amazing Everyday" banner and was created by Inferno Group agency.

London independent agency Inferno Group won the launch campaign for the Nokia Windows Phone early this year and Nokia is currently also looking for a San Francisco-area digital agency to expand on 'Amazing Everyday', a 'global creative idea' that will promote the idea that 'hidden away in the everyday landscape are billions of little adventures'.

The Lumia campaign in Europe, "Amazing Everyday," is targeting 25-year-olds in hopes that young consumers will spread the Nokia gospel after months and months of the leading global manufacturer ceding market share to high-end devices from Samsung, HTC and Apple.

Hidden away in the everyday are billions of little adventures. The new Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone makes it easier to find them, take part in them and share them.

Daily routines are transformed. Life gets richer. 'You'll never guess what happened to me today' gets said a lot more. And of course, the everyday doesn't feel everyday anymore.

The Amazing Everyday Advert

Nokia has not had a strong foothold in the US, and its strategy to begin its Windows Phone push in Europe, and attack the US next year as it solidifies relationships with US carriers makes some sense.  Of course we can’t wait for Nokia phones to arrive here, but for once it looks like this won’t be a Microsoft US first launch, and our friends in Europe will finally get something before we do.

Axel Meyer

Source: Onlinemarketing & Liveside Author: Teo

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