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+ HTML5 Support On The New Symbian Anna Browser

14 April 2011

HTML5 Support On The New Symbian
'Anna' Browser Is Not As Good As Expected

Maximiliano Firtman, a developer focused in mobile and RIA development and Forum Nokia Champion since 2006, has been lucky enough to get the prototype oft he Nokia's hottest smartphone powered with Symbian Anna and run lots of tests over the new browser that brings lots of improvements and completely new user interface.

He is impressed with an improved seed and the UI as well but at the same time he is very disappointed with the HTML5 implantation which is crucial feature that most "modern" browsers now implement.

Main new things supported are CSS3-features, great for frameworks such as jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch.

The new browser supports:

    • Gradients
    • Transformations 2D
    • Transitions
    • Animations
    • Media Queries

It also supports Canvas 2D drawing, the only HTML5-complaint API available on this version.

If you want to see my full review of this browser,
you can check this post.

Maximiliano Firtman is a developer focused in mobile and RIA development. He is a professor in web and mobile technologies, and founder of ITMaster Professional Training. He is author of many books in Spanish, including Java ME, ASP.NET and AJAX Professional Web 2.0.

He is founder and manager of ARFUG (Argentina RIA & Flex User Group), an official Adobe User Group covering many RIA technologies, including AJAX, Flex, AIR and Silverlight. He was conferencist in many events in Spanish and English and he published dozens of articles in magazines and blogs.

Talking about mobile technologies, he is a Forum Nokia Champion since 2006, a recognition program from Nokia for top mobile developers worldwide and he has developed many mobile projects as and

He is expert in Mobile Web, AJAX, Adobe Flex, Java ME, Widgets for Mobile and iPhone development

Nokia WP7
Source: Forum Nokia Author: Teo

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