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+ Angry Birds Hits 42 Million Free and Paid Downloads

22 October 2010

The Supremely Addicting Angry Birds
Hits 42 Million Free and Paid Downloads

Angry Birds Have you ever thought how popular is Rovio's supremely addicting Angry Birds game? Well, according to company's founder, the top mobile game has been downloaded more than 42 million times, these numbers are even more impressive when you consider that more than 25% of those downloads were paid.

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed broke down the numbers in a Q&A with AOL/TechCrunch's MG Siegler. Angry Birds has now reached 12 million paid downloads and 30 million free downloads. The vast majority of paid downloads come from the iPhone, while many of the game's free downloads come from its recently released Android application.

Hed explained that Rovio chose to make its Android app free because Android Marketplace's inconsistencies -- paid apps aren't available in all countries and the rules are different from nation to nation. Still, the company has found a way to monetize its free apps: It makes $1 million per month in advertising alone.

The Finnish company, which is seven years old and has developed 53 games, also has other revenue streams, including its popular Angry Birds toys.

As for what's next, the company is porting its popular game to Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 and is working on Angry Birds 2. It's also considering a lightweight version of its game and even the potential for a feature film, but is focusing on dominating the smaller screen first.

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Source: Yahoo news Author: Teo

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