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+ Nokia Research Center Unveils Mobile Radar Concept

27 January 2010

Nokia Research Center
Unveils Mobile Radar Concept


Nokia Research Center (NRC) Helsinki today unveiled a new research concept at Demo House 2010 research exhibition in Espoo, Finland.

The mobile radar demonstration shows how a mobile device can use an active radar sensor to measure speed and the direction of movement of approaching objects, just as traditional RADAR would. It uses electromagnetic waves to provide a different type of mobile wireless sensing.

This research concept could enable new ways for users to interact with their device, for example via gesture control. It also opens the door for the creation of radar based applications which could be used in sport, for entertainment or personal safety.

The mobile radar concept is just one of 40 demonstrations being shown publically at Demo House 2010, an event hosted jointly by Aalto University, the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT) and Nokia Research Center (NRC) in celebration of their ongoing research collaboration at the Otaniemi campus.

Mobile radar research concept

Open Innovation and research at Otaniemi was also given a further boost by the European Institute of Technology (EIT) in December 2009 when it announced one of its five new ICT research hubs would be located at the Espoo site.

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Source: Nokia press
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