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+ Ovi Store: Nearly 1 Million Downloads Daily

11 December 2009

Ovi Store, Nokia's Online Source
For Mobile Content, Is Hitting Its Stride

Ovi App Store Ovi Store Nokia's online source for mobile content, is hitting its stride. Consumers in more than 180 countries now come to Ovi Store for nearly 1 million downloads a day. Volume is growing quickly: Last month more than twice as many content items were downloaded as were in October. Since Ovi Store's launch earlier this year each registered user has downloaded at least nine items on average.

Local language support on Ovi Store, originally just seven languages, has now increased to 16: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German, English, Finnish, French, Canadian French, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. The top 10 Ovi Store national markets, ranked by performance, are: Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the U.K., and Vietnam.

More than 50 operators worldwide now support Ovi Store. Local content, local language support, and mobile billing are available in 17 countries, thanks to the recent additions of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland.

On the hardware front, the Nokia X6 mobile device is the seventh device to ship with Ovi Store embedded. Using these devices, consumers can download content from Ovi Store almost as soon as they take the new device out of the box.

Developers from more than 65 countries now distribute their content on Ovi Store. How about you?

Get the resources you need to publish your content to Ovi Store.

Find out how other developers are doing with their content
in the new Ovi Publisher Successes blog.

Ovi App Store

Source: Press Guest author: Forum Nokia

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