+ Sittiphol's NeuScreen Application Goes Open Source!

31 August 2009

MultiTouch Screen Using Nokia N95!
Sittiphol's NeuScreen Goes Open Source!

NeuScreen v3If you are for a long enough than you are well aware of Sittiphol Phanvilai's "Neu" series of concept applications and his "NeuScreen" an award winning application in Calling All Innovator Contest that is open source now which makes this innovative technology one step closer to hit the end users.

Those of you who want to know, "NeuScreen" is the MultiTouch like screen engine for Nokia S60 3rd ed devices that using real time image processing on Nokia N95 and same us NeuTuch doesn’t requires any additional equipment beside the IR gloves!

The latest version of NeuScreen brings lot of improvements and cool new features.

There is no need for IR pen in this version because it has been improved to IR glove which is much more practical for real use and here is the short video demo that explains what is all about.

NeuScreen v3:
MultiTouch Screen using Nokia N95

Sittiphol is one of those people who change the way we use technology. He is young but very talented developer from Bangkok in Thailand, and is most known for his amazing MobiTubia YouTube client and flv video player application, which won him first place in the Nokia Open C Challenge last year and also made him the nokia forum champion too.

He is also brain behind the MosKillTo game and its innovative accelerometer controlled 3D engine as well as two pretty simple but yet useful and well known applications called NeoReboot and Theme Launcher.

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Source: Sittiphol Phanvilai's FN Blog Author: Teo

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