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+ Nokia To Make ARM Smartbook Based Symbian Or Maemo

26 August 2009

Nokia Is Gonna Make ARM Powered
Smartbook Either Based On Symbian Or Maemo OS

Nokia SmartbookAccording to Digitimes and Taiwan-based handset makers, Nokia has been working with Foxconn Electronics, to develop a reference design that features the 1GHz ARM Cortex A8-based i.MX51 processor.

By the middle of 2010, Nokia will offer a Smartbook in addition to its recently unveiled Netbook but instead of Windows 7 and Intel's chipset it will be powered with ARM and either based on Symbian or Maemo OS that are heavily optimised for the ARM processors.

Freescale's chipset that is based on the 1GHz ARM CPU includes high performance multimedia processing and supports embedded 3G connectivity It combines processor, graphic chips and memory bridge into a single chip, which means that netbooks based on the Freescale platform will be ultra cheap, ultra portable and just about 15-mm thick!

ARM’s processor requires less power to run and doesn't need a heat sink or fan to cool as it is designed from a core used in communication devices like smart phones. The Cortex-A8 core from ARM, which can scale in performance from 600MHz to 1GHz, and can support both DDR2 and mobile DDR1 memory types. It also offers both OpenVG and OpenGL graphics cores, to support 2D and 3D graphics and is capable to process high-definition video!


i.MX515 Multimedia Apps Processor Overview

Multimedia Powerhouse

The multimedia performances of the i.MX515 processor is boosted by a Multi-Standard Hardware Video Codec, Autonomous Image Processing HD Unit (including Image Signal Processor), NEON SIMD, accelerometer and Vector Floating Point coprocessor, and a programmable Smart DMA (SDMA) controller.

Powerful Graphics Acceleration

3-D graphics are the key to mobile game designs. The i.MX515 processor provides an integrated 3-D graphics processing unit that has been improved over the i.MX31 to provide an incredible 27 Mtri/sec and effective 664 Mpix/sec (with overdraw). In addition, i.MX515 incorporates a 2-D graphics processing unit to accelerate Adobe® Flash® and OS-windowing system functions.

Smart Speed™ Technology

Advanced power management features used throughout the i.MX515 processor enable a rich suite of multimedia features and peripherals while maintaining minimum system power consumption in both active and low-power modes. Smart Speed technology enables the designer to deliver a feature-rich product at much lower power consumption than competing products.

Increased Security

Because the need for advanced security for mobile devices continues to increase, the i.MX515 processor delivers hardwareenabled security features that support secure e-commerce, digital rights management (DRM), information encryption, secure boot and secure software downloads.

Interface Flexibility

The i.MX515 supports connection to all popular types of external memories: Mobile DDR and DDR2, SDRAM, NOR flash, PSRAM, cellular RAM, NAND flash (MLC and SLC) and OneNAND. Designers eeking to provide products that deliver a rich multimedia experience will find a full suite of on-chip peripherals: LCD controller and CMOS sensor interface, High-Speed USB On-The-Go, three High-Speed USB hosts, multiple expansion card ports (High-Speed MMC/SDIO Host and others), Fast Ethernet controller and a variety of additional interfaces (UART, I2C, I2S serial audio, and SIM card and more).

ARM Cortex
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