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+ Brief: Nemesis Service Suite Gets Support For 5th Edition

02 July 2009

Nemesis Service Suite Gets An Updated
And Support For The 5th Edition Devices

Nemesis Service SuiteNSS is the very useful, actually a must-have tool for every Nokia mobile phone user who has to deal with Nokia Software Updater, phone flashing, changing product codes, language packs and especially debranding devices.

Its ability to change the product code and decustomize the handset from the default operator bonding made it the number one service and tweaking tool for so called power users for the last couple of year.

The software includes a one click tool for changing the product code which in combination with NSU allows you to change the language pack, flash phone to different edition or get the rid of the branded software and update your phone to latest available firmware.

The latest version brings lot of improvements and fixes the very well known problems with latest Nokia cable drivers and it’s virtual USP port is now fully capable to directly communicate with any BB5 phone via DKU-2 USB cable including the latest 5th edition devices, e.g. Nokia 5800 XM and the hottest Nokia phone, Nokia N97.

So if you would like to change the language pack, or debrand your device or if you just can’t wait that just released firmware become available for your product code, just get the NSS, run it under virtual USB port and change the product code, full list is of product codes is available here.

(zip file,6.3 MB)

Here is the full change log - NSS.exe

  • Added support for latest Nokia BB5
    phones via USB (Virtual USB device)
  • Windows 7 support

NSS.exe Beta

  • Fixed bug that prevented NSS to comunicate with the new Nokia
    Connectivity Cable driver(affected VUD device)
  • New future - ability to retrieve original product code and warranty data from our server. Should be helpful when restoring the phone in original condition before flashing in NSU

Note: This feature is implemented in NSS, but not fully operational on our server yet. Hopefully it will take 1-2 weeks to be fully ready

Nemesis Service Suite

Source: Author: Teo

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