+ Nokia General Manager Believes N97 Will Beat The iPhone

09 July 2009

Nokia UK’s General Manager
'iPhone 3GS Is A Disappointment To Many'

Mark LoughranNokia UK managing director Mark Loughran reckons that Nokia N97 will prove superior to the Apple’s iPhone due to its significantly better camera sensor that provides better image quality, lower tariffs and its radical change in styling and especially form factor from the company’s ex-flagship device, Nokia N96.

Nokia is dubbing its new flagship device as a 'mini-computer', it fuses together the best from both worlds, offering a beautiful 3,5” touch screen and the QWERTY keyboard packed into eye-catching tilt-slide-out form factor and is a huge departure from the standard Nseries style.

Loughran said: ‘The new iPhone is an evolution rather than a revolution and for people trying to decide whether to get a Nokia N97 or an iPhone, it comes down to a decision on performance and value for money.’

Both devices appear to have recorded strong early sales. O2 claims the iPhone 3GS is the best selling iPhone model yet, while retail sources have informed Mobile that the N97 has performed well during its first two weeks on sale.

Loughran added: ‘The new iPhone seems to have the same design and colour, upgrading from a sub-standard two-megapixel camera to a still low 3.2-megapixel camera, and is probably a disappointment for many people given the high tariff and lifetime ownership costs.

Mark Loughran
Source: Mobile Today Author: Alvin and Teo

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