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+ Don't Dream It's Over: N97 Processor Details Revealed

28 April 2009

Nokia N97 Seriously Dragged Down
By Disappointing Hardware Components!

Don't Dream It's OverOK folks, the dream is over unfortunately, Nokia N97, a phone that is expected to be one of the most desirable devices on the planet this year is seriously dragged down by a disappointing processor and other hardware components for the price!

It has been a mystery since the very beginning, a very serious issue, so serious that even conversation about the hardware was forbidden outside of Nokia circles, it was untouchable subject waiting to explode if it is touched so much and now we now why!

At a time when the competitive products from the corresponding category and price tag are able to offer at least twice better processor with a dedicated GPU, the Nokia’s choice of a humble and outdated single ARM processor design and the insufficient 128 MB of RAM looks like a serious miscalculation if you ask me and I must say that I am very, very disappointed with Nokia's hardware choice.

Single ARM11 CPU with a clock speed at 434 MHz it certainly isn’t a top performer and it is just a slightly faster than the 5800's 369 MHz. It is the same processor used in the recently announced Nokia N86 and I just can’t believe that such a powerful multimedia device isn’t powered with at least 600 MHz ARM’s processor as the latest mid-range Express Music devices!? WTF!?

Of course, it is still one of the best equipped phones out there as it offers some decent components elsewhere. Great forma factor with tilt-slide-out QWERTY keyboard and whooping 32 GB of the build in memory expandable through the MicroSD slot, not to mention its quite pleasing high resolution touch sensitive display, OMG, what a great potential and what a terrible realization!

Nokia N97 is indeed looks pretty fast with some nice transitions mainly due the code optimization but the trick is to optimize the software to run smooth on the best hardware and optimizing software to be useable on low-end hardware is similarly disappointing!

Just as a reference, Samsun's OmniaHD is the first S60 touch device built on a TI's OMAP3 chipset. Great PowerVR SGX 2D/3D GPU from Imagination Technology incorporated into even greater Texas Instrument’s OMAP 3430 together with the fully programmable VGP vertex processor core, FPU and Superscalar 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A8 RISC core! The expected price in Italy will be around 500€, which means that this powerful Samsung's device will be cheaper for at least 100€!!

Official Specifications:

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Source: SF forum Author: Teo and Ganxta

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