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+ Adtronic: First purely ad-enabled mobile application store

26 February 2009

Leading Symbian Developers Join Adtronic,
World's First Ad-enabled Mobile Application Store

Adtronic app storeSymbian specialist Liquid Air Lab launched adtronic, the first purely ad-enabled mobile application store.

Leading Developers like Indiagames, Joikusoft, DS Effects, Killer Mobile, ZingMagic and Cellictica have already joined this platform to offer their premium applications ad-enabled and free of charge for the users.

Over 150 applications from different categories have already partnered for the start. Liquid Air Lab expects to have around 1.500 free, ad-enabled applications included by summer 2009.

With the award-winning adtronic store, you have access to great games and premium applications on your phone for FREE, because advertisers are sponsoring them for you. This way, you will save a lot of money and never run out of cool games.

With the help of adtronic, mobile application developers receive money from advertising instead of you having to pay for the applications directly.The advertising banners will be shown on screen when you receive calls or messages, or when you get a missed call notification.

Every time an ad is displayed you earn credits which can be used in the application store within adtronic to get even more great applications! AND: You have full control over the category and frequency of ads you receive! Have fun!

Liquid Air Lab adtronic application store demo

Users can use all applications and games for free. adtronic gives the consumer the ability to download premium applications for free directly onto their handset by opting in totargeted advertising as the sole currency. The visual ads will appear when the users receive incoming calls or messages like SMS and MMS.

Users have full control over the ads. The type of ads and frequency of impressions are dictated by each user’s unique profile: for example, users can choose from around 15 different categories - like automotive, sports, beauty, travel, etc. - choosing what kind of advertising interests them. In addition they can define in the ‘Speedometer’ the maximum amount of ads they would like to receive daily.

Developers can monetize their applications. Symbian Developers can easily bundle their application with this mobile advertising technology and distribute the bundle through their existing distribution channels. Developers expect to get more ad revenue as the ads with incoming calls or messages have a consistently higher frequency than the traditional inapplication advertising, which is dependant on the individual usage of the host application.

Network Operators can distribute the application store to their customers. Network Operators all around the world can distribute this application store for free and participate in incoming ad revenue.

“We are excited to be part of the launch of this unique, ad-supported application store targeted at the Symbian Smartphone market. We see this as one of the key innovations contributing to the growth of mobile gaming”, says Samir Bangara, Chief Operating Officer, Indiagames Ltd.

Tom Ojala, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Joikusoft comments: “We really support the idea of this free application store as we also offer premium apps for free to our customers from our channel. We expect that downloads of applications and games will grow exponentially when they are offered for free and ad-financed.”

“Free and Premium is a strong combination, which will always attract consumers”, says Mikko Linnamäki, CEO and Founder of Liquid Air Lab. “With our adtronic product, we are creating a new ecosystem for Symbian, which includes advertisers, application developers, carriers and of course consumers. Now, the Symbian application developers can get out of the walled gardens controlled by the operators and access a world-wide customer base immediately.”


Source: Adplace Author: Teo

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