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+ Hi-N-Bye and Rock 'n' Scroll Get Feature Pack 2 Support!

15 January 2009

Hi-N-Bye and Rock-N-Scroll
Now Support Feature Pack 2 Devices
We Got 10 FREE Licenses To GIVE Away!!

Hi-N-Bye As you may have already know, due the code break and changed sensor set of APIs, Nokia N96, Nokia N85, Nokia N79, new communicator as well as Nokia E66 are not compatible with motion based software and disability to use all these applications and games is one of the most annoying technical issue that "early adopters" complaining about!

Great Marble Maze game and the Nokia's Step Counter are the only two apps that currently supports the new framework and works with the FP2 devices but fortunately thanks to my friend Gene from the KEYnetik team we just got two more accelerometer based applications tweaked to support new framework and the latest N and Eseries devices!

There are few more applications and games on the way and some of the should be released soon but I am not allowed to talk about as they are currently in the private beta phase but and I truly hope that other developers will follow Keynetik’s example and port their software to FP2 as well as 5th edition devices like Nokia 5800 which is also based on the new sensor framework.

Our download section is full of handy freeware applications that refuse to work on new devices and I just hope that this article with motivate more developers to update the code and bring FP2 support!

Anyway, Hi-N-Bye as well as Rock-N-Scroll is now compatible with all phones that are based on the new sensor framework and we also got the 10 license to give away, 5 licenses for the Hi-N-Bye application and 5 licenses for Rock-N-Scroll of course. So if you are interesting in and you would like to get some just go to our forum section where you can find precise instruction how to participate in draw for these licensees.

there is an also a 50% off promo discount if you get applications through their webshop (, just use the "LaunchSpecial" as the discount code.


There are two basic techniques for capturing the gestures, camera based gesture controls and motion sensor based controls. Hi-N-Bye falls into second category and use the accelerometer to translate the gestures to phone friendly commands and takes the full control over the call system.

Hi-N-Bye has the truly impressive list of features packed into surpassing small application which offers all you need to take the control over your calls. Although it is very intuitive and easy to use you'll still need some time to learn all controls.

Keynetik's Hi-N-Bye Keynetik's Hi-N-Bye

So once you get it and begin to use it, try to be persistent and patient and once when you overcome the learning all the necessary gestures you'll be able to get the most from this great soft.

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Rock-N-Scroll is mobile application by KEYnetik, Inc. for accelerometer equipped cell phones. It translates device motion and position data into user input. Translated motion commands in many cases are set to mimic device keypad allowing for single-handed, keyless device operation.

What amazed me immediately after installing and running the application, and what I am so excited about, is the surprisingly feature rich menu. I just can't believe how powerful of an application these guys can make in just a few kilobytes!

I thought that Samir's NokMote would keep its leading position in gaming but after the initial test of Rock'n'Scroll I am afraid that's not the case. This software does it all and is highly customizable. It is really up to the user to decide which mode to use and how to use it.

Every single option is customizable which is even more impressive since we know that the soft is still under heavy development and they are open to any suggestions and ideas for improvement.

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New sensor framework

Source: Author: Teo

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