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+ Next Nokia Full Touchscreen Device Leaked!!!

05 December 2008

Best In Class Touch Solution
Enables Large Volumes And Growth

Symbian FoundationWow, wow, wow, here it is, another hot Nokia leak! Although Nokia has managed to hide the N97 from the public before its official release but promo poster of their next touch based device just appeared on the net and the endless saga of leaking Nokia’s confidential information continues!

The Empire Officially Strikes Back! After a long period of inaction, Finnish mobile phone giant has finally take measures to stay ahead of the competition and keep its position as the world's leading maker of mobile phones!

Nokia N97 is announced several days ago, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is already widely available in emerging markets and the just leaked photo shows next Nokia touch device with a full touchscreen interface, minimal hardware controls and beautiful high-definition screen.

The handset itself looks like the keyless version of the Nokia N97 with intended to beat the so-called 'Jesus phone' at its own game!? Better and larger touchscreen supported with more features packed into slimmer chassis!? Not to mention it will be powered with Symbian OS and S60 platform!

Yes, you read it right, I’m pretty sure it is S60 5th edition device although it features greatly improved and eye catching homes screen that is huge departure from the active standby screen on the current S60 devices!

Nokia Touch Proto
*click to enlarge

Why I am so sure?!? Well if you look carefully at the photo you’ll notice a standard S60 menu key in the middle (layout is the same as on the 5800) and the keypad shortcut on the top let part of the screen (again, same as on the 5800) and for me it is more than enough to be sure that next Nokia touch device will be again based on the S60 platform and not on Linux as some technology blogs predicts recently!

What is also interesting about this leak is the title “Direct UI simplifies interaction with standard strokes and gestures” and I’m really curious what’s that supposed to mean!? Nokia is going multitouch or maybe this going to be the first device that will use Nokia’s recently patented touchless interface capable to detect and process complex 3D gestures in real time!?

Well touchless or no, Nokia claims it going to be the “Best in class touch solution enables large volumes and growth” and it sounds very, very promising and now we just need an official word from Nokia to confirm is it a real phone or just a concept device?!


Source: Slash Author: Apoc

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