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+ NAM Version of the Nokia N96 Gets Firmware Update!

31 December 2008

N96 NAM RM-472 Gets An Update!!
Firmware v12.043 Available On The NSU!

N96 firmware ota v12.043Here are some really good news for those of you who are using the North American version of the Nokia N96.

Our Flotron ending weeks of nervous waiting and reports over at our forum section that few weeks old firmware version 12 is finally available for Nokia N96-3 NAM (RM-472).

Firmware v12.043 for N96 NAM is now available through the Nokia Software Updater but strangely it is not available for generic product codes!?

Sure, as usually, it is eaisly fixable with Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) and right product code and in case you got a problem you can find the working product codes over at forum section and all credits goes to mighty Flotron again.

I can't believe it but it's true... a software update for NAM version!!! The strange thing is that I have to change the product code of my unbranded N96-3 because NSU don't have updates for it. My original unbranded product code (no updates): 0570666. The other unbranded product co....: Full Flotron's report is available right here.

Although it is supposed to be the major update I am afraid it is not because it brings nothing new and is mainly focused on fixing the known bugs and various different annoying issues from the previous release.

Here is the detailed Nokia's change log and a s usually, you can find more information about the latest firmware update over the forum section.

Changes/improvements made
from MCU SW v11 to v12


  • Switch 4.0 – improved switch application to transfer user data from/to other devices


  • Still image quality is improved, with fixes for color haziness and motion blur that appeared under certain conditions
  • Many fixes for conditions that can lead to application crashes or instabilities
  • Improved overall Bluetooth interoperability Improved overall Bluetooth interoperability
  • Now compatible with Nokia Email service (application available as separate download)
  • If user sets brightness to maximum value the display backlight now does turn back on after screensaver mode
  • The device autolock no longer locks the device while viewing or recording videos
  • SMS no longer gets auto-converted to an MMS message if there are more then 20 recipients
  • Music Player “Refresh Library” no longer hangs if General Settings Date separator is set to “:”
  • Now only one message alert tone is played per synchronization with Mail for Exchange, instead of one per message
  • Fix for issue with alarm snoozing when alarm was set and device was powered off
  • Theme no longer jumps back to default theme after using USB mass storage mode
  • CSHelp texts are now updated to resolves several identified issues


  • During boot, we recommend to wait for battery bar to show up prior to using media keys to ensure they are responsive.
  • N-Gage pre-selects wrong access point in certain operator networks, in these instances user needs to reconfigure N-Gage access points manually from within N-Gage settings menu

Nokia N96

Source: SF forum Author: Apoc'

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