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+ Moket Games Optimized for Nokia 5800 and Touch UI!

10 December 2008

Moket Games Adapted
For Nokia 5800 and Touch UI!

Moket Games With help from Forum Nokia, developers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region have created or adapted applications as well as games that use the new touch User Interface introduced with Nokia 5800 and Nokia's S60 5th Edition.

The first on the list is Moket, a world-renowned creative media company that specialises in designing, developing and publishing Adobe Flash Lite™ mobile content.

Trench Rocket gives you 20 levels of gothic-inspired, jet-fuelled fun as you try and manoeuvre your rocket through the caverns to reach the power orb.

Each level requires you to control the rocket using various amounts of thrust that you must set to work in sequence and combination to make the rocket fly to the target.

Use bounce pads to help you out of difficult situations and avoid crashing into the walls. Be creative - there's sometimes more than one way to complete each level!

Another game, GRORBS is a thoroughly addictive puzzle game that is a lot more difficult than it looks. There are 34 levels to solve, all playable right from the start so you can choose to take it easy or jump right into the more challenging puzzles. Keeps track of time and number of moves used to complete levels, so you can keep trying to better your own score.


Cipher is a challenging memory game that is not for the faint hearted. In a mix of classic Mastermind and memory-style game play, you must find the colours in the random code to complete each level. There are bonus tiles to help you beat the clock and to go further into this frenetic puzzle - but time is running out!

Moket has many more titles in the pipeline for the Smashing Games catalogue over the coming months, unfortunately there is no word about pricing and availability at the moment :( However, mentioned games should be available through Nokia download soon!

Since 2005, Moket has been a globally renowned designer, developer and publisher of Flash content for mobile, web and broadcast channels. Based in Brisbane Australia, Moket has created mobile games, wallpapers, screensavers, applications and animations for leading brands in Korea, Singapore, USA and Europe.

Moket's team also produces broadcast-quality Flash animation for film or television, and combines this with innovative cross-platform media technology products that enhance the value of the property.

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Source: Author: Teo

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