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+ Weekend Reading: Nokia E63 -:- Mini User Review

21 December 2008

Weekend Reading:
E63 Mini User Review by Declan Shortall

Nokia N85 DemosThanks to the guys from WomWorld, I again have the opportunity to trial a new Nokia device. This time around it’s the E63. This phone is mainly designed for the business user, filled with features such as advanced email applications, Wi-Fi and user modes.

It is also, to a certain extent, geared towards the normal user with Nokia Maps, Internet Radio and the now standard Music Player, Music Store, and very disappointing 2 megapixel camera

Initial Impressions: When taking the device out of the box, I was impressed with the design of the device... ..until I saw the battery cover.

Build Quality

The main point and possible let down of this device is the materials used. Nokia chose to use mostly plastic, which while keeping production cost and retail price down, I feel thatThe front of the device is nice and tidy, with full (but small) QWERTY keyboard, and all the E-Series shortcut buttons. I was majorly disappointed with the back of the device.

Nokia E63

The battery cover is finish in soft PLASTIC. The battery cover locks with a simple slider switch, which I can see loosening over time, leaving your device prone to opening when you least expect it to. When you have the device in your hand, and give it a little shake, you can actually feel and hear the battery shaking around inside. The battery is far too loose inside for my liking. The keys were way too small for my liking, and will be a nightmare for those with larger size fingers. The MicroSD slot and Micro USB port were hidden behind plastic flaps, and the 3.5mm headset port is protected by a plastic plug.

Nokia E63


The 2.36 inch screen is landscape orientated 320 x 240 resolution, which is bright and clear. I feel the screen could have been a little bigger, but keeping the screen that size helps cut down on production costs.

Nokia E63

Software & User Interface

The menu is stuctured the way Nokia think a business person would like their phone layed out. All built-in programs are organised into menus based on their function....Messaging, Speed Dials etc in the Comms menu. However, Nokia chose to use S60 3rd Edition FP1, which I feel is now out-dated. There is no support for FOTA and the E63 is NOT supporterd on NSU as of yet.

Nokia E63

The User Modes are a good idea, allowing the user to change the look of their phone between Business and Home modes. A good idea when you want to “switch off” at the end of the working day. Personally, I think the built in themes are VERY basic. The default icons are hideous looking and very low quality.One advantage of using FP1 is that there is more or a choice when chosing a better looking 3rd part theme. The pre-installed software was varied, with trial licences for each 3rd party apps. I don’y know if the inclusion of “we:offset” was very useful, but I suppose in the current economic climate, its good to see how much energy and money you are potentially saving.

Nokia E63

Multimedia & Camera

The built in speaker was surprisingly high quality, and had lots of depth to the sound. The ringtones sounded nice and robust with a decent amount of base. Playing music through the E63 was a pleasant experience, but only having 1 speaker loses a certain amount of dpeth to music playing. The camera was a paltry 2 Megapixel camera....NO FLASH. Come on Nokia, yes the E63 geared towards the business user, but why do you think a business user wouldn’t like a good quality camera on their phone???? Nokia Maps is included, but without a built-in GPS receiver, I feel is rather useless

Nokia E63


What can I say about the E63 to sum up. I have to say, I was rather disappointed with it. The E63 seems to be the younger sibling of the E71, with less features. Nokia did not make many improvements over the likes of the E61 and E61i, which makes this device seem rather pointless. The handset is affordable, but at the same time, the build quality makes it feel cheap, and not in a good way.

Nokia E63
Photos by: Author: Declan Shortall

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