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+ UPDATE: Carbide.ui Theme Edition Version 3.4 Released!

18 December 2008

Carbide.ui Gets an Update
New FP2 components and 5th Edition examples

Carbide.ui 3.4Nokia just rolled out a new version of the Carbide.ui, Nokia's theme editing and creating software for Symbian S60 devices.

There are no big news in this release and it is mainly focused on improving the compatibility with Nokia's dummy S40 platform but there are also some more than welcome improvements for the S60 3rd FP2 devices as well as addition of the two example themes for use on S60 5th Edition devices.

Dhanusaud has posted the full change log and open the ongoing discussion over at our forum section and I just hope that added samples will be helpful for theme artists and that we can expect some stunning themes for Nokia 5800 XM and 5th Ed soon!

New Carbide.ui provides developers and creative professionals with new opportunities to create innovative and compelling experiences for the end user of the S60 5th edition.

Once you've created a new theme, you can use tools included in Carbide.ui Theme Edition to package and, in the case of an S60 theme, sign your theme. With Nokia PC Suite, Carbide.ui Theme Edition can automatically deploy a new theme package to a device for testing.

Carbide.ui Theme Edition is an integrated tool for theme development. The tool includes all the features needed to create, edit, package, and deploy a theme. Carbide.ui Theme Edition also provides comprehensive online and context-sensitive help, as well as tutorials and example themes. In addition, Carbide.ui can be integrated with a wide range of creative graphic and audio packages, allowing designers to work with their favorite tools.

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Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition for Symbian OS creates S60 themes that alter the appearance of the S60 UI and S60 Music Player. Themes can be created, edited, and viewed easily. Full WYSIWYG features allow the appearance of wallpaper, application icons, color schemes, or any other UI component to be evaluated accurately.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Source: SF forum Author: Dhanusaud ft. Teo

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