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+ Nokia's Transforming Dual Touchscreen Form Factor?

04 October 2008

Nokia's Transforming Form Factor
Dual Touchscreen Nokia E91?!

Nokia E91 Has Nokia given a glimpse into its future? Is Nokia planning an Nokia E90 replacement that could revolutionize mobile computing? That's what Rajat Agrawal of has the world thinking.

During the recent S60 webcast, Nokia did a slide presentation. In that presentation, Agrawal caught a glimpse of an until now unknown device.

Sporting obviously high end looks, and seemingly perfect for business users, the monoblock design featured a large wide aspect ratio touchscreen with a possibly touch sensitive smooth concave D-pad and a 4 button control layout.

That was sexy enough, but the form factor's functionality will definitely bring the sparkle back in the eyes of gadget enthusiasts and Nokia loyalists everywhere.

Nokia has brought back the transforming form factors that made the 3250, N90, and N93 legendary. Supposedly, the device opens like a jewelry box to reveal a second internal full touchscreen!

If that weren't enough, the external screen is said to swivel 180 degrees, allowing the two touchscreens to face each other, similar to the Nintendo DS mobile gaming device! The internal touchscreen functions as a full QWERTY keyboard, and presumably other display functions when text input isn't needed.

Whether it will be released is unconfirmed, but if the presumed design feature mentioned by Agrawal is ever brought to a production device, it would surely set the smartphone world on fire. Every announcement from Nokia will be anxiously awaited until this device becomes a reality.

Nokia E91
Source: PhoneReport / CellPassion Author: Christexaport

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