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+ First firmware for N96 - Change log is In Da House!!

26 September 2008

Nokia N96 MCU SW v11.018
Full Change log is In Da House!!

Yesterday I've briefly informed you that Nokia has rolled out first firmware update for Nokia N96 which is kind of unusual for just released phone!?

Anyway, thanks to the reports over at our forum section we know that firmware v11.018 is only available for the generic European product codes at the monet but I guess that rest of the planet will inevitably get update soon as well.

What is the most important is that I managed to get the full changelog and what is even more interesting is the full log of the bugs and various errors that have already been discovered and reported for just released firmware!!

Yes you read it right, the just released firmware is full of bugs as well and I guess that we might get another update even sooner than we expected!

Anyway, firmware v11 is typical minnor update that doesn't brings anything radically new and it is mostly oriented on fixing the known bugs and issues from the previous version and also brings lot of improvements in terms of features and stability and thereof it is suggestible to make an update.

So her is the full log of changes and improvements made from MCU SW v10 to v11 as well as the list of documented bugs in the actual firmware v11! By the way, log is chnaged a little bit just to track how it spreads around the net.

Fixed issues in this SW releases

  • DM settings aren't generated automatically, when Email settings are defined in variant
  • Audio: Phone resets when plugging-unplugging headset for several times during music playback
  • Video call: White or black screen flashes when power saver time-out expires during an active video call
  • 3D Ringing tone is too low, almost nothing cannot be heard during MT voice call
  • Illumination with Voice call: During an active voice call, power saver displays when power saver time-out expires and then phone goes to sleep mode while the call is still ongoing
  • Image Quality improvements

System stability and performance improvements

  • Device slows down when large numbers of pictures are transferred to the device
  • Slow to open the Reply screen for an SMS
  • ViewServ12 crashes under high CPU load
  • Phone jams or resets when taking photo during low power audio playback
  • Phone freezes after a new SMS is received during Visual Radio playback
  • Other error fixes related to general system stability improvements


Known issue in this release:

1.1.1 Real Player and Streaming

  • H264 playback crashes when start to play H.264 live streaming link
  • treaming of live content may cause phone to freeze
  • RTSP link truncation problem. Cut off URL parameter in RTSP streaming link

1.1.2 Video Call

  • Phone freezes when selecting "Mute" and "Unmute" several times during video call
  • Video call: video rendering quality is somewhat pixilated

1.1.3 DVB-H

  • Subscription with error message "Temporary failure. Try to purchase again. -15"
  • OTC - N96 SW 10.007 DVBH: Auto reload - successfully get subscription. But cannot watch. Lock key icon is still shown.
  • OTC - First time subscription must be seamless to the end user by pressing just one key.

Nokia N96

Source: Friend of mine Author: Apoc'

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