E75 Leaked Again!

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+ Nokia E75 Leaked Again - Live Photos!

20 September 2008

Nokia E75 Confirmed As Real!

Nokia E75I discussed the freedom of the press before and I truly think that we all owe Nokia a certain degree of respect with their products, like the way that they respect us with their services, but... .. .

I’m often getting information from people who violating trusts but as a journalist I have no obligation to protect confidential materials because it is not my fault after all, information is supposed to be shared but in respect to Nokia I will only publish few blurry photos and keep most of the specifications secret!

I'm not sure if the media should publish classified information or not, but to be truthful, I only feel an obligation to keep my readers informed and up-to-date with all the latest news, events, trends and other noteworthy happenings that are less or more related to Symbian phones.

So here it is, few blurry photos of the upcoming Nokia Eseries device found its way into my mailbox and that’s all I am going to say about.

Nokia E75

Nokia E75

Nokia E75

Nokia E75

Nokia E72
Source: 007 Author: Apoc

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