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+ Nokia lifviNe: Keeping track of your life online!

29 August 2008

Nokia lifviNe - Record your world,
Connect your passions, and Share your life online!

Nokia lifviNe

Nokia today announced the brand new application based on the Sport Tracker concept with intention to track your life instead of your sport activities and to offer completely different experience.

Once running, you can use your device as you normally would, or keep an eye on your activity using the lifeviNe application. It allows you to simply and automatically documents your mobile activity creating unique personal fines about whatever you want.

Your photos, videos and music can be tagged on a map wherever you are and uploaded on-line to be saved, searched or shared with your friends.

Everything you do can be logged and tracked using lifeviNe so you can easily access the pictures, music and video of wherever you've been, either on a map or a timeline. It looks very cool.

With a whole range of devices now sporting geotagging, lifeviNe takes the concept to a new level. Run the lifeviNe widget on your device and it'll pinpoint every image, video and music to a location. It'll also push the media onto the web where you can tag it, track it and share it with others.

Online you can look at and share your journeys, filtering by user, place or time. There's also an online widget which you can place on your blog or Facebook page, allowing others to see what you've been up to.

The only bad thing in whole story is fact that application isn’t available jet but should be released through Nokia Beta Labs within few weeks!

Nokia lifviNe

Source: Author: Teo

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