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+ Tons of new (and leaked) photos of the Nokia Tube (5800)

26 July 2008

Nokia 5800 AKA Tube
Tons of new photos leaked!

Nokia Tube

Tons and tons of the photos that show hardware and software of the long awaited first Nokia S60 powered touch phone appeared on the yesterday.

Although this report doesn’t tell us anything that we already didn’t know it is still exciting to look on the hardware and especially UI which is obviously still in the early phase of development and requires lot of hard work before it will be ready to impress the Symbian Freaks.

If I compare this phone with the proto model that I tested few months ago some improvements are more than noticeable.

Hardware looks significantly better now; the back case is made on the same way like on the most of the latest Nseries phones and reminds me on Nokia N82 actually but unfortunately it lacks the xenon flash and features the dual led solution known from Nokia N96. Phone will be powered with new kind of battery BL-5J and yes it has stylus which is not that bad in my personal opinion.

You see, for example, there is bunch of web pages including SF with a small links that are positioned close to each other that is extremely hard to control by finger on a high-resolution ~3" screen? Actually whole web is optimized for the tinny mouse pointer not for the fat male thumbs and therefore stylus is the welcome addition in my personal opinion. Sure, web is just one point and there are much more examples, stylus is simply more precise and you can put pointer to a space of a just few pixels wide which is not possible with a “finger pointing”

Of course it is possible to zoom page until becomes large enough to be reliably hitten by the finger but IMO it is not that handy solution. Finger only control interface is OK for the fancy stuff like the iPhone but for the powerful Smartphone based on the S60 platform it is completely insufficient and we need the stylus and keys and fingers and gestures if it is possible and I just can’t realize why there are so much complains about the stylus

Software has evolved as well but t is still far away from the final phase which is the proto issue I believe. There is the QWERTY onscreen keyboard for the landscape mode and the classic numeric keypad in the portrait mode. It also shows the icons from the few years old Charlie and the camera interface doesn’t looks very impressive but it is due the optimization for the finger friendly controls.

That’s all for, enjoy in photos and have a nice weekend :]

Nokia Tube

Nokia Tube

Nokia Tube

Nokia Tube

Nokia Tube

Nokia Tube

Nokia Tube

Nokia 5800 Spec:

  • Measurements: 111 × 52 × 14.5 mm, and weighs only 104 grams.
  • 16 million color TFT LCD
  • 640 × 360 pixel resolution
  • 16:9 display mode
  • Fifth edition of Symbian S60.
  • finger touch operation will provide vibration feedback function.
  • 3.2 megapixel Carl Zeiss optical lens with autofocus
  • Dual LED flash
  • Built-in GPS
  • 140 MB RAM
  • GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / HSDPA / WLAN wireless networking and Bluetooth technology.
  • 3.5 mm Headset interface
  • TV-out interface
  • BL-5J 1150mah Battery

There is a pretty huge overview of the upcoming S60 touch UI
and you should read it if you already didn’t.

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S60 Touch User Interfac

Source: Author: Teo ft. sarav

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