Nokia S60 Touch UI

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+ OMG: Nokia S60 Touch UI Screenshot (VGA) Leaked!

19 July 2008

Nokia S60 Touch UI
First Screenshot Leaked in VGA resolution!

Nokia S60 Touch UI

The folks over at Mobile Royale blog have somehow managed to get the first screenshot of the long awaited 5th edition of the Symbian S60 platform that is also know as S60 touch UI but the revelation is not as exciting as it is supposed to be, unfortunately!

It's kind of hard to say something cleaver about upcoming touch UI that hasn't been said before and make an interesting story based on the single screenshot which is by the way obviously taken out of the latest version of the Carbide UI (S60 Theme Editior) not from the real device!

The UI core basically remains the same and it looks like the classic S60 FP2 UI with slightly redesigned interface to make it optimized for both finger or stylus optimized input. In a matter of fact, judging by the leaked screenshot the main changes to the functionality and user interface includes addition of the three large thumb friendly toolbar buttons optimized for finger controls while the rest of the UI remains unchanged and will probably requires stylus for proper manipulating.

Nokia S60 Touch UI

Of course, this is just a screenshot that shows the display settings and I wouldn't jump to conclusions until the final and complete UI will be available for testing and detailed overview. After all there is a pretty detailed 5th edition overview that shows much more than the just leaked screenshot and it is highly suggestible to read it and to watch the videos and flash based UI presentations that you can find in mentioned article.

Last but not the least, the only exciting thing I see in this leak is the screen resolution. You see, if you've been here for long enough then you're well aware of my love for the high resolution screens. As a real technology freak I am so happy that VGA is finally coming to S60 devices although I would like to see high-resolution display in wide-screen format!

There are numerous advantages of having a high-resolution screen on a mobile phone. Users who need to view large volumes of complex data will benefit from the high-resolution displays. High-content screen is obviously better looking, it significantly reducing eye strain and it is perfect for viewing the documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and especially web pages!

There is a pretty huge overview of the upcoming S60 touch UI
and you should read it if you already didn’t.

Nokia S60 Touch UI
*click to enlarge

We just got few more screens in landscape mode

Standbay screen

*click to enlarge

Calculator in 680x360 px resolution

*click to enlarge

Contacts application

*click to enlarge

All credits gose to ICEman_c81!!!

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Source: Mobileroyale over SF forum Author: Teo ft Rodak69

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