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+ HOT: Nokia Zero, Tube and N79 in the wild, again!

10 June 2008

Nokia is trying to move
attention away from iPhone 2!

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It is hard to believe that all these photos haven’t anything with just released iPhone 3G.

In my personal opinion all these activity is just an attempt to move attention away from iPhone 2 but it is definitely wrong way.

Instead of leaking the photos of not very exciting prototype they should focus on creating the real flagship phone that will totally whoop whole competition including iPhone as well.

There is the noticeable trend lately of releasing basically the same phones packed into slightly different covers based on the Nokia N81 design which is completely pointless.

Now we have bunch of phones that looks like the N81 that brings nothing new and exciting to users and therefore Nokia is going to loose some of them.

I am talking about so called power users that are tired of crappy QVGA screens, dual led flashes and various different craps. I am definitely ready to change my phone, to change the brand and even OS if it is necessary, wake up Nokia or you’ll loose a freak that using and promote your phones for the past 15 years!!!!

Anyway, speaking of the phones, there is nothing really new for me here, Nokia N79 is device that I saw few months ago together with Tube, nothing especially to say about, cute device that is definitely not a phone for freaks like us.

Nokia N79

Nokia Zero (N85)

Tube!? Well, I can hardly say something more about, phone is very well covered here already, with the very first real photos and hands-on. It going to be the very first touch S60 phone but I am afraid that it will not be a flagship device and we can expect that the real touch beast will be announced shortly after this one.


Nokia Tube,  XpressMedia 5800

Nokia Tube,  XpressMedia 5800

Nokia Tube,  XpressMedia 5800

Of course, it has a pretty respectable list of features, starting with a great high resolution (16:9) touch screen, larger than 3" but still smaller than 3,5". Yes it has a camera, a decent auto focus one that is way better than the one that we can find on an iPhone but still not as good as on the latest Nseries devices!

It seems that N Zero is confirmed as Nokia N85 which is a little bit disappointing for me because I have expected that another device will take this name, actually I am totally disappointed with this phone, just another addition in the N81/N96 line, they didn’t learn anything from the N96, they have added the cam cover indeed but dual led flash is still their and I can’t believe that high end phone isn’t equipped with the Xenon flash that is now almost standard feature of Nokia mid range devices like Nokia 6220.

Nokia ZERO

Nokia Zero (N85)

Nokia Zero (N85)

Nokia Zero (N85)

Don’t know, maybe I am expecting toooo much from Nokia!? I would like to hear your opinions?! Please tell me that there is somebody who shares the same opinion, somebody who is not impressed with leaked photos and thinking about different solution after years and years of using Nokia phones!?

Source: Engadget mobile & TA Nseries Author: Teo

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