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+ Nokia is planning to release a bunch of Touchscreen phones

15 June 2008

Nokia is planning to treat the masses with
the release of its Touchscreen line of phones!

Nokia made waves with their recent announcement of the S60 touch interface at the Symbian Smartphone Show a few months ago and now they officially said yesterday that they remain at work on their touchscreen phones line.

Nokia is planning to treat the masses with the release of its next generation of touchscreen phones and keep the high market share they controlled for quite sometime!

Instead of forcing the high-end models only it seems that Nokia plans to compete to iPhone with the wide range of Touchscreen phones at all price points.

The N-Series was branded as a revolution in the mobile phone segment; a level above what all the competitors could offer but touchscreens won't just be for high end devices.

Nokia is planning to release a bunch of touchscreen phones from the very low segment over the mid range models to the high-end devices. As I have already reported Nokia will start with the 5800 XpressMedia that is also know as Tube and than will continue to treat the markets with touch enabled phones in all price ranges.

I’ll most probably get Tube to test the 5th generation of the S60 user interface but although it is very well equipped and beats the iPhone II in terms of features completely it is not really a phone for freaks like us and I am looking for the first high-end touch phone that will be released shortly after as far as I know.

"Currently, the market for touchscreen products is a niche market. We always aim for a situation where we can cover all the segments with all the options," said Senior Vice President of Nokia Markets Anssi Vanjoki.

He added "We will introduce products from the very low segment to the highest one featuring this type of functionality."

There is a pretty huge overview of the upcoming S60 touch UI
and you should read it if you already didn’t.

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S60 Touch User Interfac

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