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+ More than 800 free AD Sponsored Games!?!??

01 May 2008

Free Ad-Sponsored Games?

The annoying thingWell, to be completely honest with you I really don't like the adds sponsored stuff, actually I hate ad-sponsored games, software, ad-sponsored movies or TV series but from other hand I'm running ad sponsored website so I shouldn't complain abut LOL :]

Beside that I am really not a fan of the java games so, especially not a fan of the oldie java games with crappy graphic and noticeable slower startup because of added adverts in the loading and closing splash screen. Quite irritating and annoying concept if you ask me and in my personal opinion this actually only brings more profit to retailers and marketing!

Although in-game advertising is not something that we are really looking for it may help to developers and contributes to the return on time and effort invested in game development and since the development costs are continuously increasing and everyone downloading the illegal cracked copies this is not that bad for the codders.

So clearly, I just don’t like idea of wasting my time and my bandwidth on downloading advertisements and watching them no matter how good game is hidden between the adds but if you one of those that like the free stuff and don’t care about the adds Nokia has just released more than a 800 free (sponsored) games through its Mosh file sharing service.

Just like MOSH, sponsored games are totally free and all you have to do to is to enter the address below in your mobile to start playing:

The annoying thing

Source: SF forum Author: roi_d ft. Teo

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