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+ Hi-N-Bye is Finally Out and Ready To Impress You!!!

19 May 2008

Hi-N-Bye is out and supported with
demo video, hands-on preview and 10 FREE codes!

Keynetik's Hi-N-ByeAfter the shorter period of the closed beta testing, innovative Keynetik’s product is finally out and ready to impress you.

If you were impressed with their very popular freeware Rock 'n' Scroll application, you'd be just as taken with their latest product that goes beyond the multi-touch by tracking the phone motion in 3D space and brings accelerometer based gestures control to Symbian phones.

Hi-N-Bye is the very unique accelerometer based application that brings a completely new way of controlling our phone and offers much more than shaking 0our lovely phone up and down.

As I have already said in my last gesture controls related article, we are living in the era of migration from keyboards, joysticks and switches to touch-sensitive surfaces and even more impressive touchless gestures controlled systems.

Just a few years ago, motion based applications and controls were merely an enthusiastic dream and science fiction but today we’re much closer to the Star Trek technology than we have expected.

Now you can shake, tilt, flip and roll your phone to take control over the basic functions, to play games and even to control your PC and execute commands without using the keyboard, mouse, menus or toolbars.

Although motion based technology has some downsides and is still in the early stages of development it continues to amaze with a truly endless possibilities. I like technology, I like innovations and finally I like developers that change the way we interact with hardware and Keynetik team is definitely on the right way.

Keynetik's Hi-N-Bye Keynetik's Hi-N-Bye

There are two basic techniques for capturing the gestures, camera based gesture controls and motion sensor based controls. Hi-N-Bye falls into second category and use the accelerometer to translate the gestures to phone friendly commands and takes the full control over the call system.

Hi-N-Bye has the truly impressive list of features packed into surpassing small application which offers all you need to take the control over your calls. Although it is very intuitive and easy to use you'll still need some time to learn all controls.

So once you get it and begin to use it, try to be persistent and patient and once when you overcome the learning all the necessary gestures you'll be able to get the most from this great soft.

First of all with Hi-N-Bye you'll be able to accept an incoming call (I like this feature the most, it is really handy and intuitive way of accepting incoming call) and you can also Hang up the active call as well.

Furthermore there is an also option to sends incoming call to voice mail (reject call), to enable loudspeaker as well as switch back to earpiece and finally you can put the active call on hold and answer on 2nd incoming call and switch between the active calls.

The best of all, application is fully customizable and completely under your control.

Actually the only thing you might not like it is the fact that software is not free. Hi-N-Bye is their first application and in my personal opinion definitely worth few euros (€ 5.99), especially if you one of those that like to be up to date and test the latest technology among the first.

Anyway, considering this is their very first commercial application we've decided to try to help them to break the ice and promote their brand new application among Symbian population by giving giving away 10 free licenses! As usually, no obligations, no tricky deals, just a simple gift from us to you.

The game rules and all the other necessary explanations can be found over at the forum section, and basically all you have to do is to post a request over at our forum section. The promotion will end on May 21st and then we’ll choose 10 winners randomly with the assistance of the great Damian's Lottomat application. Competition is open for all members that have joined community before the 15th May '08 and/or have the 5 post at least.

That's all for now, as I have already said, if you are interesting you can get it for about 6 Euros in Keynetik's new shop or you can join our little game and hope that you'll be among the 10 lucky winners.

SF team,

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