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+ Video demo of the Flat Music Player for the S60 5th Edition

24 May 2008

Video demo of the Flat Music Player
for the 5th generation of the S60 User Inerface

Flat Music PlayerMy friend Morten Hjerde just informed me that he has done some more work on its Flat Music Player Concept, and I'm honored to present to you a brief video demo of an over-designed grunge version that is also available in the splendid HD format, for your unlimited video enjoyment.

After my article about Nokia Tube he started to thinking about evolving whole project and makes it more appropriate for using it on the larger high resolution-touch-screens in the widescreen landscape mode and result is awesome!!!

What is the most interesting about this concept application is fact that Morten has completely ignored the Nokia User Interface Guidelines and chose to build a completely new, innovative and user-friendly interface that is far away form traditional and boring series 60 UI with lot of wasted space. Flat Music Player is undoubtedly a huge departure from the traditional music applications like we are using nowadays on our lovely phones.

In other words, Flat Music Player is design concept that trying to organize music on the more intuitive way by sorting it in piles, on the same way as our brain does, and not in lists, like a computer does. The idea is to avoid deep hierarchies of thin information by intensifying the information resolution on the screen.

Flat Music Player
Click the image to see the animation (It opens in a new window)

It is easy to see how to employ this paradigm when the information is manageable, when it's on a "human scale" so to speak. The in-flight entertainment selection in an airline seat, the variety of coffees in a coffee shop, the selection of cars at a dealership. You can take in the information and hold it all in your head at once. (Deciding what to choose is of course a different matter…)

It is certainly both possible and advantageous to use the content itself for most navigation and interaction tasks. But when he tried to apply "content is the interface" to music there were a few additional issues. A typical device can store 8GB of music; that is 2000 songs or about 250 full albums. Many devices can store a lot more. Not to mention the millions of songs you can browse when you want to buy music. Presenting all this music directly is not possible.

Video demo of the Flat Music Player from Morten Hjerde

The best quality version can befound here. (8 mb)

In addition, music is sound; you can't actually see it or touch it. You have to choose a visual representation and he used album art because that’s an abstraction that most people understand and are used to. With digital distribution, there is some movement away from albums in favor of individual songs.

He also considered using images of the artists as visual representation but it does not work well. Album art has a strong visual identity and is associated with a particular selection of songs. Is scales well; you are able to make out the album even when scaled way down. This is not the case for photos of artists or bands. They change randomly over time and they don't scale well.

Flat Music Player

In a matter of fact, Morten has written about the user interface thinking behind the Flat Music Player and it is necessary to read it for understanding the whole concept!

Source: Friend of mine Author: Teo

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