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+ Ultra HOT: N-Gage 2 is up and ready for download???!?

03 April 2008

N-Gage 2 is up and ready for download!!!

Nokia World ’07 - N•GAGE deskSomething, really, really interesting appeared over at forum section few hours ago. It seems that Nokia just release the N-Gage 2 platform for public, application is up and ready for download and to get it to work you’ll have to remove the older version and reinstall the game as well.

This is the extremely weird issue, first of all I really didn’t expect it that soon and also I just can’t believe that new platform is released without any further information, without bombastic press release and that isn’t even spotted on the official N-Gage.

Not sure if it is webmaster mistake and whole platform is released accidentally but you should hurry up and get it as soon as possible. Of course I’ll try to find something more about we’ll keep you informed about all news about the just released platform!!!

Please join discussion over at our forum section to be up to date, news coming really fast, some games are still not out, including: One, FIFA 08, and Brother in Arms to name a few!!!


Official N-Gage blog just announced something that we already know :]

In the surprising short post they've just informed the world that N-Gage is a live! The games, the devices are all here for you to finally get your teeth into. The Forums are back up and the new N-Gage application is here.

"The games, the devices are all here for you to finally get your teeth into. The Forums are back up and the new N-Gage application is here. There will be an official announcement on Monday, but for you, the N-Gage faithful we wanted to let you know we’re up and running!"

Futuremark's 3D demo test
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