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+ HOT: Nokia's S60 3rd Ed security has been HACKED?

09 March 2008

Goodbye S60 Platform Security!???
Hack to override permissions?!!

HackingAs I have already said numerous times, there is no perfect protection, there are no perfect solutions and it is only a question of time when the 3rd Edition security will be hacked.

Actually it has been broken already by the firmware patching but it is the extremely dangerous procedure and also Nokia have fixed it by encoding that part of firmware with the latest updates.

I guess that everything about the “new” Symbian’s platform security is very well known and already discussed numerous times here on SF, especially over at our forum section, so I’ll not repeat it again.

This obnoxious concept was introduced by Nokia few years ago with its first S60 3 rd edition phone (N80) and it is based on the idea that nobody gets access to those data caged directories which indeed improves the security but at the same time it makes the 3rd edition as the modding unfriendly environment because it is impossible to access and tweak system files.

Anyway, one of our forum members has managed to hack his Nokia N80 using a software-only solution, and remove all permissions limitation. Yeah you read it well, security is broken completely and he is to browse c:\sys and all other caged directories.

there is a pretty active discussion over at our forum section and they are currently trying to hack the Nokia N95 but it seems that it isn't as easy to do with the fp1 devices.

Anyway, if you are interesting in just join discussion and get the rid of all limitations ;)

Free your mind, break the rules :]


Source: SF forum Author: FCA00000 ft. Apoc'

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