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+ HOT: S60 Hacking – Mission Accomplished, FP1 Hacked!!

27 March 2008

Mission Accomplished
S60 3rd Edition FP1 Hacked!!

HackingTwo weeks ago we have already reported that S60 3rd edition security is broken and now I am happy to inform you that our forum members have managed to hack Symbian S60 3rd Edition feature pack 1 device as well and there is no doubt that they’ll find the way to hack the FP2 phones once when Nokia will release it!!

It is now possible to view all system folders and files on s60 v3 devices, where normally this was impossible due to the new platform security brought with the 3rd edition.

I know some of you think I’m insane for this and that there are no two ways, hacking is bad and that’s it, but I personally tend to disagree with that statement. Hacking indeed can be a bad thing (illegally breaking into systems for example), but for me hacking is just desire to fully understand something, and I truly want to learn as much as I can about my phone, learn how it works and how to get most, is it really that bad!? After all we spent lot on money on our lovely phones and it is our right to tweak it, squeeze it, even to smash it on the floor and jump over it until beast die if we are not satisfied.

The whole point of this article is not a hacking actually, this is only an attempt to point Nokia in the right direction, I want to show them what we feel and need, they have to hear our opinion about new security system, and we just have to have an option to choose between the maximum security and maximum access.

Hacking Hacking

Sure, I have to admit that the so called power users are minority in the really huge S60 family and the Nokia mainly takes care about the majority and from that point of view new security measures and all stuff related to data caged directories looks as a really cool and nice security measure that protects users from harmful viruses and malware.

Everything about S60 3rd edition security system is already very well known and it is based on the idea that nobody gets access to those data caged directories. It was already discussed here numerous times, especially over at our forum section, so I’ll not repeat again, but I’ll say that it is quite annoying issue; it is like having Windows without having access to system or program files directory!? Actually it drops down our so called 'smart phones' to the 'dummy' s40 level and make it impossible to get the most out of our favorite devices by modding and tweaking them to meet our needs.


Using some applications that come with the carbide c++ program called TRK, which is used for debugging software and watching data streams from pc to phone using a Bluetooth or USB connection, combined with another simple application called hello carbide installed onto the fp1 device, along with a hellocarbide.exe file placed on the c:/ drive of the device, and the help of a python script running on the computer, breaks the platform security and enables the user All Files access on file explorers.

Follow instructions from hack_perms_s60v3.txt

but use s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx instead of s60_3_0_app_trk_2_7.sisx

and instead of

in , adjust ser = serial.Serial(5)

Usually the most difficult step is connecting the PC to the phone, so follow steps 6) and 7) carefully.

In case of not working, post the trace generated by and I will try to help.

Something that up to now was completely impossible due to symbian signed simply refusing to sign or give all files capabilities to any file explorer.

Well now you can view these folders which in all fairness, we should be aloud to view in the first place, we pay lot of money for out phones and if we want access to the folders, then we should get them. I have always said that symbian went the wrong way of doing it, instead of blocking access to this folders completely, just enable platform security as default, but have the power user option to enable access to the power users that like to do much more with there phones than just SMS and answer calls.

Anyway, if you are interesting in, just join discussion (almost 40 pages now) and get the rid of all limitations ;)

Free your mind, break the rules :]

Source: SF forum Author: Marty3 ft. FCA00000 ft. Apoc'

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