+ Brief: Nokia N73 ME:: RM-133 MCU SW v4.0808.4.2.2

05 March 2008

New firmware version for Nokia N73ME
(MCU SW v4.0808.4.2.2)

Nokia has released a new minor firmware version for Nokia N73ME. New firmware 4.0808.4.2.2 is available for EMEA & APAC region and it should be available worldwide soon.

Firmware is already available and supported via the NSU for certain product codes and will be available progressively at the official Nokia Points and Nokia Service Points in the next few days.

As usually this release should improve the Nokia N73 performance as well as fix known bugs and problems from previous versions.

Overall speed of phone is fast, booting takes 45 sec but as the situation with RAM remains the same I don’t think Demand Paging is implemented in this firmware. As you can see on below screenshot, we have only 17 MB after boot, so no improvement in this section.

Furthermore there are some improvements in camera section. opening of camera is fast it takes 5sec to start the camera and 2sec to focus the object and I feel it is fast as compared to older firmware, focus sound bug is fixed in this firmware.

I’ve also noticed that there is a Big thing Mobile TV app in this firmware although it requires a Bluetooth connection to connect to SU-33W device according to help file.

That’s all for now, will continue with reports on the forum section

Source: SF forum Author: Shuak

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