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25 February 2008

RaceChrono for S60 devices
Mobile software made by motorsport enthusiasts!

RaceChronoRaceChrono a is data logging software for all kinds of sports. It runs on Nokia Series 60 smart phones and uses position data from your Bluetooth GPS receiver to determine lap times and performance.

RaceChrono is a GPS based lap timing software for Nokia Series 60 smart phones. It can be used to measure lap times on almost any vehicle and track.

It can be used to measure laptimes for example for motorbikes, bicycles, cars, water jets and quadbikes.

RaceChrono is developed by a team of Finnish sports enthusiastics who have made their careers in the IT-business. RaceChrono is currently a hobby project for it's authors.

They have successfully used RaceChrono with all kinds of bikes, cars and water jets. After you have downloaded the needed track profile from our library, the safe and waterproof installation of your Mobile phone and GPS receiver is the trickiest task, as RaceChrono team members have found out.

Most of the tracks we have in our tracks library are from other RaceChrono users. We hope that someday our library will contain most common tracks from all over the world.

RaceChrono RaceChrono

Lap timing:

With the Lap Timing feature, you can test and improve your track driving skills. RaceChrono supports both circuit and special stage –type tracks. Of course using this feature is not limited only to track driving; you can for example time your commute to work.

Performance testing:

With the Performance Testing feature, you can test your vehicle’s acceleration. You can select from various different tests, for example 0-100 km/h acceleration test and a quarter mile test. Remember not to try these tests on the public roads!

Exporting a session:

To export your session, open the session exporter from Traveled route > Options > Export, or if you are exporting a lap timing session, Lap times > Options > Export:


Most important setting is the Memory Selection. You can select which memory you want your sessions and tracks to be saved and loaded. Always select your Memory card if possible. Using the Phone Memory is recommended only if you do not have a memory card.

Symbian S60 3rd edition Version:

Symbian Series 60 2nd version:



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