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24 February 2008

Nokia Maps Hack
Direct downloads links!

Nokia Maps 2.0 BetaNokia Map Loader is the nice solution but very limited at the same time and extremely annoying sometimes.

Slow download, interruptions, problems with phone recognitions, problems with card readers and drivers, sometimes it is nothing more than the endless and tedious attempts to preload maps on the memory card, although it Is supposed to be a very simple task.

Another problem is fact that you can’t delete maps of the certain region; it only allows to delete all maps that you have on the memory card.

For example it means that if I want to free up some space and remove the map of Amsterdam that I’ve put on my card before the Nokia world, I have to delete all maps and than re-download the necessary maps again?!??

Martin Letis has found a great solution to bypass annoying Nokia Map Loader and download the Nokia Maps directly. With the helps of the Fiddler he started started to analyzing HTTP traffic, decrypt data and found a way how to get the necessary maps directly.

Inspired by the Martin Letis find someone has created the page that contains all possible Nokia maps very well sorted and offered for easily download. You can download what ever you need easily, entire continents, individual countries, or even regions within some countries. If you have a larger card you can get even fit the entire planet ;)

  1. Run Nokia Maps on your phone once before you add any maps. This will create the required folder structure on your memory card.
  2. Download, unzip, and drop into the appropriate folders on your memory card. On my Nokia the folder structure is cities with a subfolder called diskcache filled with subfolders called 0 to 9 and a to f, i.e. /cities/diskcache/0 to /cities/diskcache/f.
  3. You can download maps for entire continents, individual countries, or individual regions within some countries. Download sizes range from one megabyte (Gibraltar) to over a gigabyte (europe or america). You'll need a 4 GB card to fit the entire planet.
  4. Maps come in three flavors: for the current version of Nokia Maps (should work on most phones), for the latest beta test version, and for older/exotic versions:

  • Voices (same for all versions of Nokia Maps)

Free maps

Nokia N95 GPS

Source: Friend of mine Author: Kerni ft. Teo

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