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+ Know your Position - The Nokia LD-4W

16 February 2008

Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W
..a MUST for perfect Navigation..

Nokia LD-4W What exactly is the Nokia LD-4W? The Nokia LD-4W is a slim, stylish Bluetooth GPS Module, it's meant to be the perfect Partner for everyone, who wants to do proper Navigation on his loved Nokia Device.

This Accessoire basically does 2 Things: Connecting with Satellites and send the Information to your Phone. Which means, the LD-4W brings real-time Navigation to your non-GPS-equipped Phone, or even improves the Navigation on GPS-powered Ones.

The Outside of the LD-4W Bluetooth GPS Module is simple as something. 3 LEDs, Green one for the Activity, Blue LED for the BT Connection and Purple LED for the GPS Connection, that's everything you find under the glossy black (sexy) Finish.

On the upper Part of the Device you find the On/Off Button, which also re-connects with the GPS Satellite, when you press it shortly. And last but not least, at the Bottom of the Module, is the hidden charging Plug-In.

The Backside consists of a grippy Rubber Surface, very nice Move as the LD-4W would slip around anywhere you place it. I needed some really hard driving Moves to make it slip away.

What do i get for my Money?

Nokia really made up their Mind on this One, and gave the User a nice Package, for everyone to start right out of the Box. Within the Package is not only the LD-4W itself, but also a Car Charger (DC-4), a Belt Clip, a nice Suction Cup which allows you to stick the little Helper directly on the Front Windshield, which is a perfect Position to use it! And last but not least, you get a Keyring with it, cause what's easier to put the LD-4W directly to your Keys, you'll always have it with you!

Nokia LD-4W Nokia LD-4W
*click to enlarge

How much does it cost?

Different Price Comparison Sites i've checked start at around € 80,--

So how do i start off with this Thing?

For the perfect Start you need to do a few Things, before you can roll:

  • Fully charge the LD-4W (requires not much technical Ability )
  • Tools - Settings - General - Positioning - Positioning Methods - Enable Bluetooth GPS! (I switched the Integrated GPS off on my N95)
  • Pair your Phone with the LD-4W, Passcode like on every Accessoire is 0000, authorize it!
  • Place the LD-4W with a good View to the Sky, rub it with some Sunblocker .. just kidding of course, the clearer View, the better Connection you get ..
  • Make sure you have installed a Navigation Application on your Phone, i recommend the new Nokia Maps 2.0, Route 66 or something similar ..
  • Enjoy the newly discovered Speeds

Nokia LD-4W

So, where is the Difference to the integrated GPS?

First of all, everything i tell here, is WITHOUT assisted GPS. I can't activate it, as i have just a small Data Package, everything i do is just with the internal GPS!

The Difference between the LD-4W and the internal GPS on my Nokia N95 (where i mainly tested) are 2 important Things: Speed and Precision! While i needed about 2-5 Minutes everytime i tried to connect with the N95's internal GPS, i needed about 10 Seconds until the LD-4W was locked and loaded! Quite some Time Saving, isn't it? No Need to sit in the Car before the N95 is locked, your Feet will fall asleep, trust me ..

Nokia LD-4W
*click to enlarge

The 2nd big Difference? Precision, and that's one really important Thing, especially in bigger Cities, when you need a stabile and accurate Connection to the Satellite. I have tried the LD-4W with both, Nokia Maps 2.0 and Route66, both working like a Charm.

Nokia LD-4W Nokia LD-4W

I was driving about 20km today, to a Shopping Mall, using the integrated GPS on the Way to the Mall, and the LD-4W on the Way back. The Road was pretty everything, free Roads with clear View to the Sky, as well as smaller Cities with some Cross-Ways on the Way to it.

Nokia LD-4W Nokia LD-4W

N95 - integrated GPS: On the Way to the Mall i used the integrated GPS, again with no Assistance via Internet. i was pretty annoyed, after the Lock of the GPS (needed 2:36 Mins to do so), there were some nice Hangups on the GPS Continuity, followed by a "Waiting for GPS"-Sign, the N95 only had about 50% of the possible Connection, which was unbelievable, especially when i was on free Landroads. No Tree's, No House's but it didn't get any better. It's okay for longer Roads, but imagine that in a bigger City, with Lots of Cross-Ways and Traffic Circles, you would get lost 100% ..

Nokia LD-4W Nokia LD-4W

N95 + LD-4W: Back on the Road home, switched the LD-4W on, got connected after about 15 Seconds and here we go .. No Hangups, nearly full Connection, works fluently and brought me back home without any Problems. Do i need to say more?

Nokia LD-4W
*click to enlarge


So .. is it worth buying? Depends on what Kind of "Navigator" you are. I must say that i'm not the Maps Service that much, i use the PC for unknown Roads and have a look before i go there. Therefore the 80+ Euro seem a bit too expensive. But for a heavy Navigation User, the LD-4W is a MUST - also for People with non-GPS-equipped Phones.

Sure, this little Helper uses the Bluetooth Connection on your Phone and it will suck on the Battery Life too, but the internal GPS does way more, i've experienced that too, can't tell exact Numbers, but its a Fact. On the other Hand, the Car Charger comes in the Package, so why not charge the Phone while driving? I truly recommend this stylish little Gimmick to every heavy Navigation User, i already fell in Love with it and it will be a hard Move to send it back to WOM World again!

Compatible Devices?

According to the Nokia Homepage, the LD-4W works with the following Phones: Nokia 3230, Nokia 5200, Nokia 6111, Nokia 6125, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 3250 XpressMusic, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia 6120 classic, Nokia 6288, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610.

Nokia E50, Nokia E61i, Nokia E65, Nokia E51.

: Nokia N70, Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N73, Nokia N73 Music Edition, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N80 Internet Edition, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, Nokia N82

* thanks to everyone at WOM World once again!

Nokia N95 GPS

Source: Author: Michael Hell

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