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10 February 2008

SmartClock v1.0
An Intelligent Talking Clock

SmartClockHow often do you wish you could be notified of the time, only to find yourself in a difficult situation?

You could be caught up at work or busy driving your car or reading an important news story in the paper or just too lazy to look at your alarm clock.

It can happen to the best of us. This is where SmartClock factors in.

As the name suggests, SmartClock is an intelligent talking clock that can read out the current time without ever requiring a keypress, using your S60 3rd Edition phone's built-in text to speech-engine.

Once you have SmartClock up and running, whenever you wish to know the current time, simply switch to the SmartClock window and it will read out the time for you automatically. It's as simple as that.

On the other hand, if your phone is a bit out of reach (say, on a bedside table) and yet you wish to know the time after every half hour or so, just specify a delay (in seconds), and SmartClock will continue updating you with the time without fail, after the delay you have specified earlier.

Valid values for the delay can include anything -- from as little as 10 seconds to an entire day! Further details are provided in the Help section of SmartClock

SmartClock SmartClock

There are two working modes at the moment, actually it can read time by two unique ways:

  • Whenever it is brought into the foreground
  • After the user has specified a time delay

The best part is that SmartClock, apart from being completely free, is fully configurable and doesn't require any extra keypresses to work.

The application is developed in Python and of course requires the latest version for proper work. As usually, more info over at our forum section ;o)


Source: The Series 60 Weblog Author: Legendkilla ft. Teo

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