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+ Demo: 7Days - Absolutely incredible adventure game

29 February 2008

7Days Salavation Demo
Absolutely incredible adventure game

7DaysGot this great game yesterday, but life and work have been eating up all my time lately. I've just been too busy at work, it was extremely hectic in the office today and I have had no time to write anything at all today.

However I am at home now and I finally found some spare time to start blogging, so you can expect few cool news to comes shortly, OxyCube, Bluetrek BIZZ , etc... . .

Let's start with 7 Days Salavation, absolutely incredible adventure game, demo is available for download and you should try it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it seems that their FTP is completely down at the moment, probably because of the heavy traffic, so you'll have to be a patient in way to get it. Will host it on the SF server ASAP because game looks simply great and deserve to be hosted here.

Anyway, 7 Days is a 3D adventure game about a famous horror novelist, Salvator Ken, who is 30 years old, quite dissocial. He used to lock himself in his villa and think about his novel alone. One day, something strange happened, he was trapped in his house! He can‘t escape! Is it just a dream? If it is, when could he wake up?

7Days 7Days
*sorry, can't take proper screens at the moment

7 Days tells a story about what happened to Ken in these days. In the game, the player's choice and interaction may affect the following events. It's a game quite worth thinking, but for the light users, the fine graphics, vivid sounds, and interesting puzzles will also bring them a great fun!

7 Days is developed with a software rendering engine, Soft3D. The game can run perfectly without any hardware support, so it should support most of the mobile phones in the market.

7Days 7Days
*sorry, can't take proper screens at the moment

7 Days is completely real-time rendered, so what you see in the video are all real-time 3D scenes, we didn't include any CG clips.

Soft3D is a cross-platform game engine, so 7 Days can easily support many different platforms such as symbian, brew, wince, etc.

For the high-end mobile phones, it's possible to add hardware accelerations, and the visual effects will be improved to an extremely high level.


About the game system

Some puzzles require immediate decision and action, some other puzzles may be vital for the whole story.

You can fight with the primary weapon, but sometimes using the helpful items is a better choice.

You may find some hiding places in the game, they are quite
useful for escaping from the strong bosses, which should be a very exciting experience.

Traps may make damage to player, but you can also use them to stop the enemies, or defeat them.

I've just found video ;)

Source: SF forum Author: Ganxta ft. Apoc

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