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+ Freeware: YouTube Java Client BETA review

24 January 2008

YouTube Java Client BETA review

Just found this pretty cool looking official YouTube client for symbian phones, well not just symbian phones as it is a java application and will run on any device supporting java midlets.

The UI of this client is very nice looking indeed, and offers you pretty much all the same features as what you can achieve by using the actual YouTube website itself. you are able to log into, and access your account.

But unfortunatly, as my YouTube account was made via my google account, it seems that i am not able to log into my account using this mobile client, but i did quickly create a new account and log in to it just to see what features it does offer.

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And you are able to Upload a video to your account directly from the mobile phone, but i also came up against a problem here also, as it is a java application, and when you press the upload from the menu, it just keeps asking for permission to allow YouTube to read user data, and thats all it seems to do on the n82 i am testing this out on.

You have to keep pressing "yes" as to allow it to read user data, and it just keeps on asking for permission for ever single file it reads from the phone as you all know, it is the very harsh and way over the top security in my opinion, on how java midlets behave on a nokia s60 3rd edition device, as a result of this, uploading videos from this client is just not suitable and very extremly painstaking as it asks for permission to read every single video file on the device. But lets not forget here, that this application is a beta release, and such bugs are to be expected on such an early version.

Home Screen And Menu Options. Click For Original Size

Upon launching the client, you come to the Home screen, which is seen in the screenshot on the left above, at the top you can see the featured video for the day, and from here, you are able to search videos on YouTube from using keywords, search the most popular videos, or log into your account, but as i said above, it doesnt yet allow you to access your account if you signed up using your google account, which is quite annoying and hopefully something that will be fixed in later version.

Log In Screen, And Search. Click For Original Size

Upon clicking the Login button, or upload from the menu, your presented with the Login for my account screen, as seen above, and upon pressing the search button, your presented with the normal boring java text input screen, which is just basically a white blank screen like it is with mostly all java applications, this i feel also ruin's the feel of the application, as one minute your on this nice looking user interface, but as soon as you need to enter any text input, your taking to the boring java text input screen we all know and hate on nokia s60 devices. But after you enter your search string, your taken back to the UI of the application and it begins to search for your entered keywords, as seen on the right hand screenshot above. The same boring text input method is used to enter your login details also.

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Popular Videos and Getting Them.. Click For Original Size

Upon pressing the popular videos button from the homescreen of this YouTube beta client, your presented with the screen you can see above to the left, your able to choose between Most Viewed videos, top rated videos, or recently featured videos. The right screen is what you see after making your choice.

Search Results and Video Playback. Click For Original Size

Here is the screen your presented with after you make a search, or choose a most popular videos option. Its presented to you quite nicely i think, giving you the thumbnails at the top, with the middle one being highlighted as the selection, and also below it gives you the information for that video selection, including the video description, which i think is very cool indeed, and not yet seen on any other YouTube client. The right screenshot is the video playback, very very dissapointed here, the video quality is terrible, really bad awfull quality, even on the small QVGA resoulution screen, its just not acceptable in my opinion, and also it doesnt support playback in fullscreen, which is another huge dissapointment.

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My overall thoughts of this official YouTube java applicaiton. Well to be perfectly honest, im not that impressed with it, all though it is nice to see that YouTube have made an effort in bringing us an official mobile YouTube client, but like i said before few times, we must not forget that this client is still in beta testing, and there is room for huge improvements in my personal opinion. I expect other people who are not familer with the power of symbian phones, will actually think this client is the best thing since sliced bread, but we all know that this could be so much better.

It would be great to see this application become a native symbian program, developed and coded using the native symbian open c programming language, as then we wouldnt be restricted in so many ways, as with the reading user data, this is just such a huge annoyance and can be avoided using the native language, symbian c++ developed applications doesnt ask for permission to read user data upon every file, like this java application currently is doing.

And also support for full screen video playback, this is a must have feature for any media player, no matter what format or codecs the player supports, it simply has to be able to play it back to the user in full screen landscape mode. Once again, this could be better a feature suited for a native symbian coded application. And also would be nice for the thousands of people who have a YouTube account in which they signed up for using there google account, to be able to sign into there accounts using these application.

YouTube Client Application Installation Video Tutorial

Download to Your PC and send to your phone for installation

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UPDATE 25 January 2008:

After using this application for the whole of yesterday, i have come to learn a few more things about it, and thought i would come back here and share with you all my findings.

The problem i mentioned above about the "allow to read user data" is not really a problem, but it does however require you to set up the permissions properly in the App. manager to give the YouTube java client the proper permissions to allow it to read the user data without annoyingly asking you for permission upon every single file it reads.

But i will tell you how to avoid this annoying problem, First of all, you will have to install the application (obviously lol) and once installed, you will need to locate and open the application manager (as seen in screen shot above) you can find the app manager application by pressing the menu > applications folder > app. manager.

Then you will need to scroll down the installed applications to the bottom, where you will find the java applications with a slightly different stlye icon (as seen above in screenshot) you will then highlight the YouTube application, and press options, then press open from the options menu. You then come to a differnt screen looking like this:

Permissions for YouTube Client. Click For Original Size

The left screenshot is what you see after pressing open from the options menu. Here you need to find the "Read user data" selection, and press ok, or center d-pad on it. This will bring you to the screen shot to the right, and you need to select the "Allways allowed" option, then press ok and then press back.

This will stop the application from asking you to grant it permision to read user data upon every file it searches for, which is what it needs to do in order for it to find the video you want to upload to your YouTube account. Also, from this settings page in the app manager, your able to set your defualt access point, and also allow this as "allways allowed" also. This will stop it from searching for a access point everytime you use it.

Video Tutorial To Stop YouTube Asking Permissions

We are able to do this, as this is google's very first signed java application, which is why we are allowed to grant these capabilities allways allowed access, and on all other java application, we cant do this unfortuantly. Hopefully there gmail application will get signed too, or better still, they program them both using the native symbian c++ language.

Another thing i mentioned yesterday, was the fact that it was not possible to sign into your YouTube account if it was made using your google account. Well i was wrong, you are able to sign into your google YouTube account on this application, but you must enter your full gmail email address as your user name, thats including the also, or it just wont work.

Hope this small update will clear a few things up for some people, and i still think there is room for lots of improvment for this application, the video quality streamed to the phone using this client is really terrible, and it simply has to be changed. It would be great if they just stream the same flv file which is played on the website player, just like we see the MobiTubia and emtube clients do. I think untill then, i will continue to use the other 3rd party clients as there so much better quality videos.

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