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26 January 2007

Samir has released ShutUp do Donators

ShutUp by SamirAfter the recent announcement of the FlipSilent application that is already available and brings similar functionality, Samir's ShutUp application definitely isn’t as attractive as once was.

If you have been living under the rock lately or you don’t remember who Samir is, I would like to mention that Mr. Samir is very creative and very talented French programmer, developer of the few infamous accelerometer based applications like RotateMe, NokMote and ShutUp of course.

Anyway, I’ve just found over at our forum section that probably pushed by the huge success of the FlipSilent application and loosing the exclusivity he has announced the beta 1 version of the ShutUp application for the closed group of donors which basically means that application is a step closer to the public and that we can expect it soon.

This is just another proof that competition is always good for the end user and in attempt to beat the already announced FlipSilent Samir included more features, features like Slide Call Mode and by some latest reports it going to be better application than the Tong’s FlipSilent.

ShutUp by Samir ShutUp by Samir

Let’s wait and see what will happen here, it is always good to be able to choose between two different solutions.

Here is the Samir’s video presentation


  • FlipProfile: Flip your phone face-down to activate the selected profile. Simply take it to reactivate the previous profile.
  • FlipCall: Flip your phone to mute or hang up an incoming call.
  • SlideCall: Slide up the selected keypad to answer a call. Slide down to hang up.


  • Reactivity: Set the reactivity of the FlipProfile mode. The lower this setting is, the longer you have to keep your phone flipped to activate the selected profile. (This setting prevent from unwanted profile changes)
  • Auto Start: Enable this setting to launch ShutUp automatically at the phone boot.
  • System App.: When activated, this setting prevents ShutUp to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions.
  • Hidden App.: Enable this setting to hide ShutUp from the tasks list.


  • To prevent unwanted profile changes when you phone is shaked, set reactivity to a low value.
  • FlipProfile mode consume more battery than other modes. Disable it if you don't need it.

ShutUp by Samir

Source: SF forum Author: Teo

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