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+ Freeware: pyRybka - Virtual aquarium for your phone

21 January 2008

pyRybka for 3rd edition
Transform Your Phone Into Interactive Aquarium!


My friend Damian is extremely productive lately, lot of the very cool accelerometer based applications.

Applications like pyMoneta, pyPiwo, pyPoziomica, and it is really hard to say which one I like the most.

Incredible level of activity and effectiveness, and if he continues with releasing one application per week he will need a new keyboard soon for sure ;)

Anyway, pyRybka (I just like these cool Polish names) is the latest one and for those that aren't familiar with Poland language maybe is better to call it pyAquarium or pyFish to be precise.

Same as all of Damian's other applications, pyRybka is developed in Python and require's the latest version for it to function properly, so don't forget to get the latest python and install it.

Also, it intensively makes use of the level sensor so it will only work on models with build in accelerometer, Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8GB (tested) but is should works with Nokia N93i and Nokia N82 just fine.

Anyway, pyRybka is actually a virtual and interactive aquarium for your phone. Sure it is not the best looking virtual aquarium out there and it hasn't the most amazing fish motion but you'll be still able to impress your friends because it uses the Accelerometer sensor to detect the phone position and change the water angle on the screen.


Application comes with two ready made fishes but if you don't like to you can create your own and you can even kill kill fish with shaking the phone up/down. I am to busy at the moment but tomorrow I’ll try to make some more realistic beers, will keep you informed on the forum section.

Cute small application that I would like to use as the screen saver but unfortunately it is impossible at the moment.

pyRybka pyRybka

So if you would like to convert your phone into virtual and interactive screen saver or you would like to impress your friends with another cool accelerometer based application just get and give it a try.

To get it to work you have to install Python 1.4.1 and install application on the same drive as Python. As usually, more info over at our forum section ;o)

Source: SF forum Author: Damian ft. Apoc'

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