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+ Nokia Beta Labs: My Mobile Site widgets launched!

29 January 2007

My Mobile Site widgets launched

My Mobile Site widgets

As I said yesterday, amazing productivity. Here is the another application from the Nokia beta labs.

The idea is to integrate the mobile phone into the user’s “desktop experience” and utilize the current coexistence of PC and mobile phone on the new level.

I just hope that it will work better than the recently announced Nokia PC phone that pretend to do the same although on a completely different way.

Anyway, My Mobile Site widgets is an application building fully on top of Mobile Web Server technology.

They are desktop widgets run by Yahoo! Widgets engine and they show information about the phone and provide access to some mobile features like SMS sending on the PC desktop. On the mobile side Mobile Web Server serves the requests of the widgets using some tiny Python scripts.

Desktop widgets give a nice opportunity to show you relevant information in a polite way while you are using your PC and allow you to use the good UI capabilities of the PC (bigger keyboard and screen) for mobile related features.

With these widgets we also wanted to demonstrate another way of using Mobile Web Server platform. This platform gives everyone the opportunity to implement such applications without deep S60 knowledge. If you are interested, then go to the wiki, learn how to develop them and start to implement your own widgets.


  • Download the Mobile Web Server software and sign up for a domain name for your mobile here
  • Download My Mobile Site Widgets (.SIS, 46 KB) and install it to the same location (Phone or Memory Card) as Mobile Web Server
  • Ensure that you have started your mobile web server (Options | Start server)
  • We recommend setting the Access Point to fixed value in the Mobile Web Server Settings


  • Download and install Yahoo! Widget Engine from here
  • Download My Mobile Site Widgets zip file and extract the actual widgets to My Widgets folder or any folder you like. (If Consolidate Widgets is set in Yahoo! Widget Engine preferences, then the engine automatically moves the widget files to My Widgets folder during the first start.)
  • Double click any .widget file to start the application

Setup of widgets:

For each widget, type your Mobile Web Server account name and password into the Login window and click the Login button. In My Mobile Site Phone Picture Frame widget, enter the Server address and account information in the preferences dialog. Each widget starts uploading the information from the phone at startup. It is also possible to start the upload manually by selecting the “Refresh” command in the right-click menu.

List of available widgets List of available widgets:

Battery widget:

Mobile battery status indicator.

Signal widget:

Signal strength indicator.

SMS widget:

SMS widget allows reading and answering your messages on the desktop. The widget updates also the contact list regularly. If your eyes are tired then try out the text to speech feature (works only for SMS messages in English).

Phone Picture Frame widget:

See the Image Gallery of your phone on your desktop.

Call widget:

Instruct phone to call a number by Drag & drop any phone number on the Call widget. The contact book of the mobile is also uploaded to the widget or you can type in any phone number you like. Note that during a call the data connection between phone and PC is on hold except in case of 3G connection.

My Mobile Site widgets

S60 Widget workshop
Source: Marton Szomolanyi over NBL Author: Kerni

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