Nokia n81

As you may have already know, Nokia N82 is the long awaited Nokia camera phone, the first one that will features XENON flash and of course famous Carl Zeiss optic supported with the 5 mpx sensor.

Basically it has all you need, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB port, 3G and yes it features the GPS too!!! Just like all latest Nseries devices it features the N-Gage gaming platform (2 demo games available.. Fifa 07 and Asphalt 3) and the Music store as well which is currently Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia N81 exclusive.

Also there is an one very handy innovation, auto screen rotation is available and it is a bit different than the one in the iPhone. While the iPhone use screen rotation for few specific applications only, applications like the Safari, image viewer and the iPod, Nokia UI allows the rotation almost everywhere, from the main screen to the gaming.

The rotation is definitely smoother and looks better with the iPhone, actually to be precise with an iPhone you can actually see the rotation while the Nokia just switch from one to another mode without any kind of transition when rotating.

Same as with Nokia N81 there is shortcut key to new and pretty handy multimedia menu that allows fast access to videos, photos, music, games, etc…. .

What I really not like here is the microUSB port, it is mainly beacuse I got another cable to carry around. The good thing about new connector is fact that it can be used as a charger just like with the Luna 8600.

That’s all for now, more at our forum section.. . .

Sorry because of the quality, all photos were taken with N95.