Enjoy Flash Lite screensavers on S60

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+ Freeware: KISS60; Flash Lite screensavers for S60!

25 October 2007

Kuneri brings Adobe Flash Lite Screensavers
to S60 phones with KISS60!

KISS60KISS60 enables Adobe® Flash® Lite screensavers on a wider set of devices, offering more effective promotions for campaign managers and higher revenues for content developers and distributors.

Kuneri, innovative mobile design and development company based in Finland, today unveiled public beta release of their new product KISS60. KISS60 is a unique product, enabling users to collect, manage, share and enjoy Adobe® Flash® Lite screensavers on S60 based mobile devices.

“There are 50 million Flash Lite enabled S60 devices, but most of them can not utilize Flash Lite screensavers although they have the capability; that's a large potential loss” says Ugur Kaner, CEO of Kuneri.

“Flash Lite offers a better user experience than traditional screensavers, we believe there is a good market potential.

We aim to help mobile campaign managers and Flash Lite content developers and distributors to benefit this potential by utilizing KISS60.”

“We use mobile screensavers to promote International Mobile Gaming Awards and KISS60 helps us to reach more people; clearly adding value to our promotions” says Jessica Rei, PR Manager of IMGA. “KISS60 is not only a great tool, but also a very handy widget to use in daily life, we absolutely enjoy it” she continues.


KISS60 is an S60 application created using KuneriLite Rapid Application Development toolkit for Adobe® Flash® Lite, and works on all S60 3rd edition and newer Nokia devices. KISS60 has a very user friendly and simple interface, allowing users to create their own screensaver collections, download new screensavers easily and share using SMS or Bluetooth. KISS60 is free of charge and can be downloaded from IMGA screensavers are also available on KISS60M website and

Get it from developer or right here:


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