Nokia N95 8GB

+ Nokia N95 8GB?!???

09 July 2007

This is just too good to be true!!!!
The first real photos of the mysterious Black N95 8GB phone!?

N95 8GBAfter the some rumors and speculations based on the xml file from the Nokia site and some obviously fake, photoshoped photos I’ve just found something more realistic.

The Real photos of the Black Diamond?! Pushed by iPhone release Nokia strikes back with improved N95 version, the 8GB of internal memory sounds great but I truly hope that RAM will increased as well, 128 MB at least.

Is this is for real or it’s just another good Photoshop work!? Well, its really hard to say, photo over all is the real there is no doubt but again, the black color on the phone looks somehow unrealistic? What you think about!?

In my personal opinion this more looks like the N95 Music edition with 8 GB microSDHC card in package!? I am pretty sure that there is no enough space for putting HDD inside so it can be card or flash memory?

Well, I am afraid that this is just too good to be true but anyway I just can't take my eyes off it, it would be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold it so much.. . . .

N95 8GB

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